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Strange, it took me 2 hours for render (i3-3,3GHz 16GB RAM)

1. Include in the program settings option "Disk Cache".
(Edit - Preferences - Media & Disk Cache. Check the box "Enable".
Select the disk on which a lot of free space. Set Maximum Disk Cache Size.

2. Go to the tab "Memory & Multiprocessing". Check the box next
to "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously, and move the slider until the
end to mark Faster Rendering.

3. Restart After Effects.

4. Before rendering close the preview window.

5. Switch off additional programs such as an antivirus and firewall.
At that time while there is a process rendering, it is desirable not
to use the computer.

In other cases speed rendering will depend on a complete set of your
computer and a video-format choice.

I recommend use the format QuickTime Movie, codec PHOTO-JPG (with 90% or 95% quality).
This gives the video file is relatively small in size with excellent quality.
But if you need a little more information about video-formats, you can search
on forum

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