Morning Sea and Ship (set of two) (Stock Footage)

Morning Sea and Ship (set of two) (Stock Footage)

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Full HD timelapse footage made from 18 mpixel photos (1 photo per 7 sec = 175x acceleration in resulted 25 fps video).
Huge natural color change during sunrise from dark purple/red to bright yellow/blue colors.
There are few ships in the picture. Big ship far from the coast. Small fishery ship on the pier and inflatable boat with fisherman moving by sculls fast in the middle.
Package includes two files (sequentially placed into preview):
1) – no movement of the frame and you can see whole picture constantly.
2) – zooming out from big ship far from the coast and then zooming in to the small fishery ship on the pier. Zooming made with originals 18 mpixel photos without much quality loss.
Each footage is 0:18. Music is not included but can be found here on my AudioJungle page

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