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Djroq1 Purchased

Hello, I purchased the EXTENDED Montage library yesterday and it keeps saying, {installation failed because the extension is not compatible with the installed applications} Any Suggestions? Thanks

Looks strange. Please contact us via videohive profile page with that issue. Thanks


Djroq1 Purchased

I apologize Nitro, But I don’t understand….videohive profile page?

In help center you have Contact, check it

Hi nitrozme, Will the audio be included if I go ahead and purchase this item? Please let me know.

Hello, it’s not included but I can attach it for you after purchasing

Hi, when im in after effects / animation studio and shall install the montage library, a window asks me to check purchase code. where can I find this?

Hello! Pls check nitrozme.com/help

Hello, i can’t use Purchase Code in my email pls help me

Receive your messages. Will answer shortly

Hi, I have purchased MONTAGE LIBRARY and I am having trouble installing the files etc. I am windows based , are they compatible please. or are they MAC based. This also goes for my other 2 purchases which include VIDEO LIBRARY and PREMIER LIBRARY HANDY EFFECTS. Please advise thanks

Hello! Just do similar steps like on mac tutorial. Also please check our nitrozme.com/help – help center. Thanks!

i need help “you use code from another project please enter the correct code”

Pls send us your purchasing code in nitroznn@gmail.com and we will sold it

Hello, I just bought the Library montage, I have to buy another extension to install the panel or how do I install it?

Just do same steps like in tutorials. Also check nitrozme.com/help

Thansk, problem solved!

I get the error message can’T find preset pack”tranistion/Displ Transitions” in folder…..

Only the Transitions are not working the rest runs perfectly well some idear?

Just download latest zip from videohive and reinstall Animation Studio.zxp and Montage Library.panel . We already fix it

Nice work!

Where can I find the Music used in this demo?

Any plans to make any of these for premiere pro? I’d love the time fx (speed) for premiere pro? :D

We have a cool Premiere Library package

Does that have the speed ramp effects like this one?

we will add this effects in next update soon

Very cool work! I wish you fourther promotion and more sales! :)

Hello! I’ve updated Montage Library just yesterday. But after the update, the Camera effect in all directions (bottom, left, right, etc.) all have a Mirror Effect applied to images. I unticked the Mirror Effect but it did not remove. What is the way to get around this?

Hello man! Our manager will answer your email soon

Hello Nitroz, your manager has not been helpful. I’ve sent so many screen grabs and screen share capture so to make it easier for your team to help. But all I have been getting is one liner replies with no help!

“You need to make your comp size similar as your image size”

“Hello again! just send me like C:\User\Desktop\Package Folder”

I sent another email including access to the files in DropBox to show the difference of the same effect I had applied, which worked before 6th of September last week. And that it no longer worked after the 6th of September update you had released on Videohive.

Hello! I will manage this question personally and in few hours will contact you. Thanks for patience

Hi, I also have a similar problem as Crystance. I just recently tried it on videos that are either at 1920px or 1280px and the transition multiplies itself mirrors and ends up in a asymetric position. I just recently updated the plugin, however, I am not entirely sure if this issue happened during other projects. Some help would be great, thank you!

Hello! Can you please contact us via profile page

Hi, How do you install updates on this package? Do I uninstall everything and install again?

Hello! Just download new package, install new zxp and new .panel


hkeyz Purchased

Hi, Just purchased this awesome package, however how can I can install the animationStudio? I don’t see it in the ZIP file?

Hello! Watch tutorial here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIP6ooaJJMY


1997Noel Purchased

how can i edit the duration of the color correction? Dragging in the timeline doesnt work

Use time remapping or duplicate it