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Good morning, I updated After effects 15.1.0 (Build 166). Unfortunately Montage Library does not work. It requires queues, but what I’m inserting says it’s not okay… Instead Video Library works. Can you help me? graces Daniele Ambrogini

Hello! Can you please contact us via videohive page and send full info, screenshots will be awesome. Thank you!

great job!!

I have the After effects 15.1.0 (Build 166) and everything is fine on MAC i love the new update, thanks, cheers from Brazil

Thank you very much! We happy to make your work faster. if can please make 5 stars rating for this project here – https://videohive.net/downloads

Do you have a subscription model? I can’t bill clients for a license each time. So an annual subscription similar to Universe would be great!

Right…so for each video I produce, I have to buy a license, its not a $ issue, but rather the billing complication of each time I edit a video for a client I have to expense and bill them for the license. I work for clients where I create several videos and to expense the fee each time would be a pain for my clients and me :)

Please email us via videohive profile to make decision

will do…thanks for the quick reply!

The music in the demo can you link that please, cheers

are these effects and presets only for Aftere Effect or even for Premiere?

You can use it in premiere pro via dynamic link or just purchase premiere Library

sadface. I purchased this for 38$ right before I went to bed last night. I wake up and its on sale for 21$. why me? :-[

Hello! It was 35$, do you mean our Video Library maybe? It was 38 but now its 4 days for 29$. Also you can buy Both of our packs now for sale, This is very nice for you.

Hi guys, I am trying to install it to After Effects CS6 and it is saying I dont have the right software. I have downloaded ZXP Installer.

Is it compatible with Sony vegas 15 pro

Hello! It’s for adobe after effects

Thank you

I was under the impression this was made to work in premiere pro. Is that not the case? I’d prefer something that is intended to work with premiere pro. Any chance I can be refunded for this so I can purchase the premiere library instead? Thanks in advance for any help.

Thanks for the quick reply. When I open the animation panel in AE it shows up blank. No templates available to select.

Yeah, I’m an idiot. lol. Thanks!


hkn1984 Purchased

hi. i want to send you a video about my problem. my problem is that the transitions aren’t smooth. whats the adress?


Can I put off the text plate? No problem for the text, but I haven’t find for the text plate.

Did you have any issue for that?

It’s not a montage library. This is Video Library and all I already sent you video tutorials about in 2 days ago and you say thanks, what the problem is

You don’t see what!? i don’t have any problem with my purchase but with the text plates.

We don’t have all elements with this purchase???

Let me know…

I say thanks yes cause the last one talking aboutI got install the animation library, now I need to find the layers to put of the texte plates, is different…

Could you tell me than please?


Just finish to receive your mail… everything all right now, thanks to be patient

Good work!


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I started a project to test it out, entered my key etc, then when I went to use it in production on a real project it said “You already use that on another project”.

Really wish i knew this up front so I wouldn’t have used it on a test project file.

Hello! This is not a project issue. We test it a lot of times and 1 key works for unlimited projects. I think you should contact us to solve this problem. Thanks!

Our developer recommend you to reboot your after effects and try to use code again. If it not solve the problem please contact us via profile page. Thanks!


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Hello! Nice work, congratulations. I have 2 questions. First, how can i sync presets with some audio. That appears on preview but not in tutorial. Second, im creating an instagram story (1080×1920) but most of presets works badly on this vertical composition. Is there a way to do it? Thanks!

Hello! Please contact us via videohive page and I will send you all instructions about sync. About vertical – it should work nice. But you can also attach screenshots in message to show your issues


This looks really beautiful. I love the panel: it look really easy to use. Can I ask what other products of yours work with the same panel? You have a large portfolio and I’m not sure which ones I should look at that work with the same Animation Studio panel interface.

Also, having seen the preview video and read the last message above, I am not sure how “syncing video and audio” in a few clicks” is done. I hope it is through the panel rather than manually tweaking the timeline settings. Can you please confirm or point me in the direction of an example?

Thank you for your answers.

Hello! 1. We have a 3 different products for this panel, its ‘Text Library, Montage Library and Video Library’ You can check them all in our portfolio. 2. Its making in panel by 1 click, also for this guy who commented about it – he already get a nice video tutorial and like it.

That was so quick. Thanks a lot. It looks superb and I really like the Animation Studio panel interface. On my shopping list.


Hello! Pls re download zip from videohive and install new animation studio extension.