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Discussion on Money Money

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I got this one, as I keep thinking about it, so that’s good, very memorable, high impact – thanks!


Nice idea :) I like it

This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Are you a mind reader? Thank you so very much!

I realize this is redundant, but: Awesome work. Tweeting it.

I’m thinking of buying this to make a promotional video for my website but I’ve never used After Effects before. How easy would it be to set up? Also, can I change the images in the money as well as the text.

Hi RPicard, With some basic knowledge of After Effects this is pretty easy to customize. The instructions will tell you how to change photos and text. You’ll just need to drag & drop in your photos/videos in the correct compositions and double click on text layers to customize your text. You can email me with any further questions if needed. thanks!

Hi FluxVFX
Fantastic file…. 5 ++ rates star
It’s possible send my link to music for your project???

Just sent you an email with the link! Thanks for purchasing!

Thanks your rapid support !!!

cs5 no no ??

Could you use video footage for the placeholders? Would the effect work? Looks great!

Hi coryheimann, Yes, you can use video or photos in the placeholders :) Thanks!

Will this work with CS3 ? I used it on CS4 on my PC and love it, but my MAC has alot more ram but only running CS3 .

Hi Kreativ31, I can make a CS3 version available this week. I plan on making CS3 versions of all my templates as the demand for them dictates :) I’ll let you know when it’s up. Thanks!

Hi, were you able to send over a CS3 version? email:


First off, thank you for taking my request and making it CS3 compatible. Things load much quicker for me now, due to more ram on the mac.

Quick question, I loaded it into after effects, and noticed that all the graphics seemed abit blurred, wheras in cs4 on pc it was more crisp when I previewing. I just wanted to see if it was because of it being downgraded to CS3 , or maybe just a setting on my machine and that it will look higher resolution upon full render.


Hi Kreativ31, A project’s quality isn’t downgraded when opened in a previous version of AE, it probably has more to do with your render settings. Are you using the same settings that you used on the PC? Do the graphics look blurred in the RAM preview in AE or in the rendered movie?

Hi FluxVFX It’s possible send my link to music for your project? ilnurftos[at] Thanks Ilnur

Done! Thanks!

is it possible to make a small change and make it longer?

You can try timestretching the final comp or time-remapping. You can also extend layers and move keyframes in each composition to make the scenes stay on camera longer.

Will this work with Adobe After Effects CC?

yes it will

It’s possible send my link to music for your project? anitaciesiolka[at]