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This looks amazing… I would like to use this for my streams.

But one thing – im using Adobe premiere pro 13.0.2 and I’m not able to update atm… in the last time I had some problems opening .mogrt files..

I get a message : This motion graphics template is not compatible with this version or premiere pro.

How can I use this file with my version ? Or is this not possible ?

Thanks & greets from Germany Stefan

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest.

The project is compatible with the CC2017, CC2018 and CC2019 versions of the Premiere Pro. So in these versions it works without any problems.

The version (13.0.2) you are talking about is the CC2019 version of Premiere Pro. So you can run the project smoothly with the Premiere Pro version you use. :)

But if you still want, I can send you a trial version of the project. So you can test the project before purchasing.

yea… this would be great… can you send to designr26@gmail.com pls ?

i would like to test before i buy :D

thanks and greets again

OK. I sent a trial version of the project to your e-mail. Please check your mail.

Hello, I purchased the package. But when I am trying to use the template. It is saying ( This motion graphics template was created in After effects. To use this template in premiere pro, please install after effects trial or license and retry!! I have premiere pro. 2017.1.2 and i do have After effects 2017.2 Appreciate your reply. Thank you

Hi there,

Please try adding the files in the “for CC2017 and CC2018” folder to the “Motion Graphics Templates” folder on your computer.

If the problem persists, let me know. For more detailed discussion, please contact me by e-mail: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com

Email sent. Thanks.

OK. I got your mail. I’ll help you.

Dear Author, Bought your project and the templates are very nice and divers. Although I found an error in my sequence. If I adjust the template in Essential Graphics and put it on top of my edit there are some freeze frames in between. And sometimes if I hold the mouse on the template while adjusting the font, later the font will switch while in playback. Can you figure out what’s wrong? I am working in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. Thanks!

Hi there,

I think you are using the first release of CC2019. This means that, version 13.0.0 – October 2018. If so, please update to December 2018 release. (version 13.0.2)

There were some errors in the first release of CC2019. These bugs also included the problem you were experiencing. But Adobe fixed errors in the latest release. For more information on CC2019, please see here: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/fixed-issues.html

For more detailed discussion, please contact me by e-mail: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com

Hello! I have the next question:

1. Will frame fit on size of my text? 2. Is it nessesary to me use adobe after effects for your titels? 3. Do you have russian instruction?

1. Цветные рамки и другие графические элементы можно подстроить по размеру моего текста в премьере? 2. Я же смогу пользоваться всеми функциями ваших титров без adobe after effects? 3. Может есть инструкция на русском?

Thank you! Спасибо!

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest.
Excuse me, I will answer in English for not understanding Russian.

1. You can’t control the frame. But you can change the size of the text.
2. No. You will only work on Premiere Pro. To use the project After Effects only needs to be installed on your computer. (It may even be a trial version.)
3. Help documents are only in English. But since it is mostly video, it is very easy to understand.

I’m sending you a demo version of the project to find a clear answer to all your questions. So you can test the project before purchasing.
Please check your mail.


1. its a one time purchase right. so we can upgrade for free. no need to purchase again?

2. this product is for one computer or can be use in multiple computer. because i have 3 computers so.

Hi there,

1. If you buy the project now, you can always take advantage of the updates free of charge. Even if the price of the project increases in the future, you will not have to pay any fees. So, always free update.

2. Yes. Once you buy the project, you can use as much on computer as you want.

Will Arabic language work with it?

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest.

Yes. Titles support the font of all languages.
Watch the test video here: https://youtu.be/T8HMOaCikm0

I have spent the day trying to get the package to work with PR CC 2017 but keep getting the Error Message ” The Motions Graphic Template was created in After Effect…” I have tried to follow all fixes to no avail. I have certain projects that need to stay in the older version Premiere.

I got it work for other projects in PR CC 2019 but I do not have any of the fonts required. Is there some place to get a folder with all the fonts used in the templates

Hi there,

- Are there any version of the After Effects installed on your computer? If so, which version?
To run the project in Premiere Pro, you may need to have After Effects installed on your computer. (After Effects may also be a trial version – It does not matter.)

- Please browse to the “Used FONTS” file in the ”.../Mogrt Titles/2_HELP” folder. You can download all the fonts used from there.

If you cannot solve the problem, please contact me by e-mail. I can send you instructional videos to solve your problem. My mail: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com

I have the matching version of AE loaded on the PC

Please contact me by mail. So we can discuss in more detail. And I can send you help videos when needed. My mail: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com

Hi I just purchased running a mac Premiere Version 12.1.2. The titles have great animation at begining but at the end all the titles im trying have no ending animation. Is this how you made them or is something wrong? I really thought id have nice animations at the end..

Hi there,

I answered your question with a short video. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/it9mnWOGUOE

If you have any further questions, please let me know. I’m always ready to help.

Thank you! I actually did do that too. I just wasnt sure if that was the intention of your titles. Thank you!


queridos Purchased

Dear Author. I bought this titles for Premiere pro cc 2019 in window 10 OS. I can’t find the folder where move titles files. Please tell me the folder name where the title files go to.

Hi there,

Have you tried adding the all MOGRT files to this folder?
Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Motion Graphics Templates

As in the picture: http://bit.ly/seemogrtfolder

If you can’t find the folder, contact me via mail. (aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com) I can show it with tutorial video.

I have another problem. Some titles dont let me change the text from the words that are already in there. Only one line i can change, others i cant. Please help.

Are you sure?
I’ve tested the title you mentioned, I didn’t encounter any problems.
You can see in the video: https://youtu.be/xUFpnWloafQ

If you encounter problems with any title, please let me know. In this case, I’ll solve the problem you’re talking about.

I screen recorded my issue, I can email you. If I copy and paste the title than sometimes i can use it with no issue on the pasted one. Its very strange.

Does it work with premiere pro 2015? Can I alter the resolution to 1080×1080 & 1080 & 1920?

Hi there,

The project is compatible with the CC2017.2, CC2018 and CC2019 versions of Premiere Pro.
Yes. Titles can be adjusted to all resolutions.