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Very nice work!

When I go to unzip the file it says that errors are present and that it will label the files corrupt. I have attempted to download the file multiple times and extract with no luck. I did however purchase another product from videohive and it extracted with no issues. Let me know next steps?

Premier Pro Latest Version – Windows 10 – Winzip

Hi furmanaugat,

Thank you for purchasing the project!

After the purchase, you download a ZIP file. You should then “Extract” the ZIP file. As in video: https://youtu.be/OP7cDaqj5Vk

There are many UnZip applications on internet. Maybe you are not using the right application. Because until now more than 200 people have bought the project, but nobody has experienced this problem.

Write to me if you want. I can send you all the files by e-mail. After I did UnZIP

My address: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com


Thanks for the super quick response! I always copy the extracted files to the same folder as the .zip so that I keep both, apparently this is what creates the problem specifically with your file. I ended up copying the file to another folder and it works fine. I have had about 20 minutes of working with the product and it looks absolutely great.

Thanks Again!

Happy tidings :)

If you have any new questions, you can let me know. I’m always ready to help.

You can reach me by posting comment or e-mail.

Good luck!

Im not able to install, When i follow the tutorial video, Im lost at Common folder, when i open common folder, there’s only Plug-ins folder only, nothing else, I can add title one by one from Premier pro essential graphics but it takes too long to add them all.

After i can add them to essential graphics folder, they aren’ t show on premier pro . what should i do.

Hi Sungsah15,

Thank you for buying the project!

As I mentioned in the Help Documentation, according to the Premiere Pro version, you can add MOGRT files in two different ways:

  • If you have Premiere Pro v12.0, you can add all MOGRT files at the same time.
  • If you have Premiere Pro v12.1, you need to add all MOGRT files one by one.

(These are related to Adobe.)

If you have any further questions, please contact me: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com
Support is free for anyone who purchases the project!

Nice job


Doncka Purchased

Hi ! My Premiere version is 2017.1 … Is there any way to install it? I have already purchased _ Help please!

Hi Doncka,

Do you have Essential Graphics panel in the your Premiere Pro? See to “Window” (in Premiere Pro) above to open the Essential Graphics panel.

See Help Documentation in project content for detailed information.

Or write to me: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com

I have also just sent you an email asking how to change the fonts :) thanks

Hi David,

I received your mail. Now I answer via mail too. :)

I just need to clerify one thing before i by. Is it possible to change the fonts? Or a they static?

Best regards Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your interest!

This is possible if your computer has After Effects. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this in Premiere Pro. (This issue is related to Adobe)

This template includes two project files: for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. So you can change the font with the After Effects version of the template.

P.S. To do this, all tutorial videos are includes in project content.

I just need to clerify one thing before i by. Is it possible to change the fonts? Or a they static?

Best regards Thomas

I wrote you a reply in your previous comment. :)


dkapp Purchased

Great product, thank you! FYI, the instructional videos are helpful but the installation video (#3) requires an update, as the latest Premiere Pro changes Essential Graphics navigation (it no longer shows each folder)

Thank you for your comment and best rating :)

Those who use the older version (version 12.0) of Premiere Pro need tutorial video you mentioned. That’s why I included that video in the project content.


banjar1 Purchased

This purchase just gets better! Author just added 50 new titles. Thank you, aliyarmikayilov!

Thank you for your comment and best rating :)

The project will be updated again in the coming days. We are working for new animated titles.

How do I adjust the length of time the title is displayed? Thank you!


Thank you for buying the project.

I answered your question with tutorial video: https://youtu.be/Qv2nc8tquGw


2menelo Purchased



Thank you for your comment!

You can look at “Fast Preview.html” file in “3_Quick Preview” folder for preview of the titles.

Let me know if you have any other questions: aliyarmikayilov@gmail.com


Geekyguru Purchased

How do i move the animated text from center?

Hi there,

Thank you for buying the project.

The tutorial video related to position control was already in project content. :) But I made a short tutorial video for you: https://youtu.be/CCM5DrIbkaE