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Excellent work.

Thanks HappyBird!

Really good job! Wish you many sales :)

Cheers Zisi.

Very nice Promo kit, good luck with sales.

Cheers Defocusfmg :)

An excellent animation :)

Thanks effects_art, glad you like it!

One day I will say “I know this guy, we had a collaboration for a bet-project on VH!”...Ehehehe, nice work my friend, in any slide we can taste your fingerprint :) Really useful and professional. Let’s go! //<toolpusher>

Heh, indeed! :)

Excellent work :)!

Thanks Airspira!

Hi, this looks great. Is it possible to change elements in the faces like eyes etc ?

^ I say quite easily… if you have some knowledge of AE then it would be easy. Either way just send me an email if you need any help with the template.

I have some experience with AE 5. It would be nice to change at least the eyes.

Cool, email me hello@smudgethis.com and I can talk you through doing that. It is a very simple customisation.

Yo! Fantastic videos, and I love your blog posts too! ;-)

Cheers Kenshiro! First time anyone has commented on my random thoughts and rants. :)

Nice work. I wish I could use it with CS4.

Hi Dogayali,

apologies but as we are now subscribed to AdobeCC we can only backdate as far as CS5. If there is another way to backdate this from CS5 to CS4 then please do let us know and we will try to do that for you.

Nice kit! Can the faces be replaced with other elements like icons and such? The faces are cute, but too cute for my purposes :)

Hi Stephen,

sure I see no reason as to why you couldn’t just open up the composition with the faces in, turn off all of the original layers and just drop in a new illustration, an icon or whatever you have in mind.

If you have any other queries feel free to email me hello@smudgethis.com and I’l try to help you out as best I can.


You are genius!

Thanks MrGold!

Hi, here’s an excellent song for your excellent projects :) http://audiojungle.net/item/follow-your-dreams/8592501

Wow Smudgethis! Don’t know how I missed this project. Absolutely stunning design and animation! Love it :)

Gracias Amigo :)