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I have downloaded Modern Titles Pack for FCPX . I have FCPX version 10.2.3 When I press “T” on my FCPX the icons for titles appear, however they are EMPTY. NOTHING is there!!!!!! Anyone knows how to fix it?

Hello! These titles require version 10.3 or newer. Please update FCP, it will solve the issue.

I have not noticed that this program requires FPCX 10.3 (maybe it was written somewhere in some small print…). I will not be able to update to FCPX 10.3 since my computer is not allowing it. I run Yosemite and will not upgrade to Mojave yet. Please return my money. I will not be able to use this program now. I have already sent the request for the refund, however none confirmed it ! Please process it ASAP. My order ID is 95232340Regards Barbara Lempka

Sorry, but as an author, I can not help you in a refund process. In order to get a refund, you need to make a refund request and Envato Support team will help you with it.
Refund –

Hi, So I just bought the pack – but on title 5 – the one with a blue square around it the bottom part of the text “modern titles pack” is not able to be edited – not sure if you made an error in the design or? I tried redownloading it but this exact title is not able to be edited in both layers – and it was the one I wanted to use..

So please advice?

Regards M

To edit this title, please go to Published Parameters tab (1.) and use Text 2 field (2.), as shown on the image bellow:

There are 2 license types for this product (and other plugins) – I don’t understand how these are relevant for a plugin? Is it not buy once use forever kind of product?

- Is it not buy once use forever kind of product?
Yes, if author permits it (I permit)


Zviadi Purchased

Hello – It does not work with updated 10.4.6

There should not be any compatibility issues. Have you tried to reinstall titles? Have you installed 10.4.6 via update function or have you deleted previous version and installed an update one from scratch?
Please contact me via email form at my profile page. Thank you.

These are only editable in Final Cut Pro?

Hello! No, it can be also done in Motion 5