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Excellent work:) wish you thousands sales my friend!!!

Such a great photo gallery! :)

Grazie for this beautiful montage! It is perfect for Real Estate. I’m a beginner with After Effects CC and it was very easy. Rendering took about 50 minutes but it’s well worth the wait. Here’s my work, with your presentation.

thank you for purchasing and using my template to create this great video. :)

Is always a pleasure to see how my items are used, thank you sharing this with us. :D

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;)

Can you tell me what size (pixels) the images have to be to look right in this file?

Media containers have different pixel sizes. As long as the images are at least the size of these containers then the image will look good.

I don’t have the precise sizes under hand now but to be safe and have the images look good you should have images around 1000px :)

Would it be too much trouble to get the (various) dimensions? I’m trying to do a video based around 18×24”, 24×36,” and 18×18” prints and need to know if they’re going to fit before I spend the money on the file. Trust you understand. Gary PS—Do you offer production work, too?

Well, sincerely I’m not seeing the point of writing the exact dimensions of each of placeholder :)

If you need a certain ratio then you can check visually the video preview. If you have images that have similar proportions then you should be fine.

By fitting to width or height in After Effects, if is not precise you may lose a small portion of the image but should look ok anyway.

But if you really want a precise fit, this project was created entirely in After Effects and each display frame size can be changed. Off course this requires medium to advanced knowledge of the software and how templates work.

For custom work you can contact me on envato studio here:


I have 2 size of images, 24X48 and 20X62 (Panorama) and was wondering if I can display that size of images on your gallery?

Well, my bad, looks like I’ve not really understood the need for having precise ratio for the images. After all, one if have an artwork of a certain size wants to display it entirely.

In my defense, for after effects templates you just add media placeholders to make the video look good, maybe if the template is intended for videos one need to have standard video ratios but that is about it. Is how I’ve designed at the time.

the good news is that the template can be modified to allow any type of ratio since it doesn’t use prerendered videos, the bad new is that it doesn’t do this automatically, you need to know after effects at medium level.

I’m planning to add controllers to this template to change the ratios manually but it may take a bit of time till the update is ready, I need to finish a few templates that are in the work now.

If you feel confident with after effects, after purchase I can give some hints on how to change the displays. I can’t do this for you but if you need freelance work you can contact me from my envato studio profile at this link:

Hello Nice work, I have some questions : Can we change the background ? and can we change the location, direction and intensity of the lights ? and can we change the camera moves ? Thanks

Hi, Thank You :)

Yes, the template is created directly in After Effects and if you have a bit of knowledge of the software you can change it how you want. Add a different textures for the walls, lights, camera moves