Discussion on Modern Lower Thirds

Discussion on Modern Lower Thirds

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cool business text


the help file is fine but you guys forgot the most important modification…

how to resize the text holders?

i mean….if i dont’t want 3 word like you guys have on the demo, how can i change the width of my box?

1. Actually , no , we didn’t forget anything. The video tutorial contains the basics on how to use the template inside After Effects (otherwise , the template wouldn’t have been accepted to Videohive).

2. I sense a condescending tone in your comment. That’s not something you want to do , especially when you’re asking for help.

3. When you’re asking a question , please be as specific as you can. From your question , I can’t deduce to which style you’re referring and what you mean by “change the width of my box” ; do you want to make it bigger (you can’t without major modifications of the animation) or smaller ?

4. I’ll just assume your question is in regards to style 01 and you want less text (smaller width). Here is a step by step video on how to do that:

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Hi, I had a couple basic questions. How do I change the background colors of a specific line within a style? Also, how do i extend the duration so that the text is displayed longer?

What you want is not possible out of the box but here is a video on how to change the background colors of a specific line within a style :

This is the easyest method to extend the duration without messing with the animated keyframes and all :

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I’m comfortable with premiere pro but new to after effects and I’m having a very hard time creating a series of lower third titles from this ae file. Every time I copy/paste the same title and change the text, it changes the text on all the titles to exactly the same text. How do I create several of the same lower third styles but with different texts along different points in the timeline? It’s probably very easy I just have no idea what else to do. Have been mucking around for an hour now and am ready to pull my hair out. Help.

The easiest would be to render the lower third (RGB+Alpha Channel) for each scene (with different text) and then import the resulting ”.mov” files in After Effects , Premiere Pro or any other software you’re familiar with and place them on top of your video.

Here is how to render RGB+Alpha Channel :

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I’m just asking. I produce web news segments with 7-15 lower thirds displays for each video. I’m looking for a more efficient way to re-size each nameplate. Currently I manually re-size each shape layer to fit the name. Is there an option in this project for do this? Or is there an expression that will update the shape layer, based on the length (in pixels) of the text layer?

There’s not a predefined action/option for what you want in this template and I’m not aware of an expression that could help you in that way.

Can’t see on your help video how to move one of the lower third effects into position. I.e. I want to use Style 4, which is currently positioned on the top right, to the top left. If I move the anchor point of the animation, it leaves the logo behind.

Probably you’re making the position changes inside the comp “style 04” . Here is how to move the style 04 lower third :

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Thanks for your help. That works :-)

Great job beautiful models :)


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Hi, got error on AE CS5.5 THere is no way to change the colors! Please help!

Ok , The problem you’re experiencing is due to the fact that you installed your version of After Effects in german and the template is created in an english version . You can read more about this on ADOBE website . All you have to do is change the language from german to english .
See here , here or here how to do that .
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An Excellent work. Wish you a lot of sales.


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