Discussion on Mobile App Promo

Discussion on Mobile App Promo

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Как всегда превосходный и уникальный стиль) Good job!

Good job! I wish you more sales! :)

Can I buy it and support me in editing against agreed payment ?

I don’t understand the question, sorry. If you can describe more what you need.

Hello, I have just downloaded it and the file is really light (1,595 kb zip file), and when extracting it and opening it, it says there is many errors. It is the first time that a download makes a problem in Envato for me. What is the size to the file please? So I can compare. Thanks in advance. PS: I used Edge

OK, I will correct within an hour and I will write when it is possible to download the updated version

Try to download the project again, most likely the problem was that your interface is not in English

Thank you very much for your reply, it was indeed because my AfterEffect was in French. Now that it works, it looks great and is easy to use. I recommend. Merci !

Hello, I have a problem to register as a video my final file even if I do all the things that I have read on internet, and I don’t understand why, can you help me with that Please? I use the last version of After Effect.

Hi, I bought this nice template. Which one is the font you used? Thanks.

Lato and Gilroy

cc2017 is in use. The file does not open with a version error. Is there any way to open it?

Is it drag and drop to premiere pro (and what version) and Davinci resolve?

Нет, это работает только в Ае

No matter how I save the project, Part 10 reverts to the template. I’ve had to recreate projects three times because I can never reopen a project—it’s always starting from scratch. What am I doing wrong?

Try clearing the cache and resaving the project under a different name. But to be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of such a case and I can only imagine how it can be fixed.

Hello, i can’t change the color about anything, the phone is red and background white (layer color_control)

This error is due to the fact that the interface of your program is not in English

HI, I see from the video that there is an icon to show navigation and choice. Can I confirm that I can direct the icon to the choice I want? Also , can I adjust easily any iphone screen into your template?

Hi =) Yes, you can do all this. The navigation icon is just an animated shape that you can change its position.

Can I change the white background colour to another colour?

Yes, you can!


Is it suitable to fit Android screen shot (images) inside iphone mockup?

Hi, You can insert any images into the screen

How do i edit this? what software do i need?

Adobe after effects

am I able to change the color of the phone to black?

Yes, the project has color control

Hey, Can’t find the way to modify colors. They’re all still Red, as if the the color_control was not functioning. Thanks 4 help

Let me precise: I DON’T WANT to change my interface language.

Hey! We fixed bugs and updated the project. In the near future, you will receive an email notification when it will be possible to download it (usually for a short time within an hour).