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Everything is possible ;). Cool stuff man.

Cool idea great work as always :)

Great work man! Good luck ;)

Awesome project mate! Best luck!!!

Good work mr. Bond


Great work mate, love it !
Wish you many sales ! :)

Fantastic ideas and work! Outstanding project!

Nice work….

man you are on a creative roll! i’ve been SO into your latest work


GREAT ! And who is this cool guy on pictures? ))

Thank you very very very much people for great comments, I really appriciate it!!! @White-shide – The target, ofcourse!! :D

Nice work man!! :)

What sound effect is used and how to you apply it to the letter by letter entrance on screen?

It’s written in description,

Then you have a sound comp, where you, if you buy these two, just replace solid’s with certain wav files, and everything is set.

Looks Cool Friend !

Awesome theme! I love this!

Thank you friends! :)

I love this one! Nice FX!

Hi There, I wanted to purchase this project but there’s no link for the sound effect of the digital writing which is very important part of it. Does this sound effect come with the project or do we have to buy it separately? the two links you have provided dont have this sound effect.

Many thanks