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Can the logo placeholder size be changed to 600×600

No.All the animation is designed around a 300×300 placeholder,so to change that you would need to make some changes to the animations as well.

Very nice work!

Presale question:

If this is used as a prelaoder.. Can you please let me know the size of the gif(ex: 190×190)? I need to know this before I purchase this item.


The largest animated element is 340×340 so it would be around 350×350 to be safe.

ok perfect.. how big(kb) is the gif after is rendered(?

Depends on your compression.

Hi just purchased this template, think its great by the way. But I would like to put it onto a transparent BG. I have turned the BG layer off but cant seem to find where to take the black out of the logo place holder, or at least set its mode to screen is this possible at all?

Hi! Yes it is possible.There is a background layer inside the YOUR LOGO composition which is hidden.You can reveal that layer (and few others) by unchecking the “Hides all layers…” button which is above the layers and a bit to your right.

If you cant find the button,you can go to the “Solids” folder and just delete the “Background” element which removes it from everywhere.

Nice & Clean

Hi there, i’ve started to use your template. I’ve increased the size of everything to fit my final composition. However, my .AI logo and the tagline are looking really fizzy in comparison to all my other text animation?

What do you mean by increasing the size?

Nice minimal logo! Looks good! ;)

Hi There,

I’ve just purchased your template but I can’t do anything with it. The only thing I get in the file is a tutorial video about how to insert your own logo into the logo string, using a program which I don’t have. Can you please tell me how I can use this template with my own logo the correct way. Thanks

You need Adobe After Effects to edit the template.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the adobe after effects and I didn’t know that it was necessary to have one. Is it possible to cancel this purchase and get my money bag?


You can request a refund from here: http://videohive.net/refund_requests/new

Great job! Perfect minimal logo !