Discussion on Simplicity Title Pack

Discussion on Simplicity Title Pack

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Hi, Does this pack work on Final Cut Pro? I love the design

Hi KerrodKerr! Unfortunately it doesn’t, it’s an Adobe After Effects template.

Hi, In Scene 1 I would like to apply a longer text on the right of the bar. When I enter the text only part of it is visible. If I expand the text frame it is visible whole but on the first frame where all should be hidden its end part is visible. I am AE rookie so would appreiate a detailed explanation.

“You can get full after-sales support directly from the author of your item by purchasing the item from Envato Market.”

If your documentation was not so poor, then no support would be needed. I’ll use a different one. Pitty I have wasted my time for trying this out.

The documentation isn’t poor. But it looks like you are, because the license is only $14. Sorry, my hands are tied.

Hi- could you provide specific instructions on how to change the colors? The description just says “controlled by expressions”. Thanks!

nevermind! found it in the .pdf :)

Hi, yes, always read the help PDF :)

Thanks for purchasing!

Hi, please contact me via the form here: . I will help you with that.

Hi there. A quick question. I’m trying to apply a drop shadow to one of the text layers however I’m hitting a snag getting it to be present. What’s the workaround? Thanks guys!

Hi, please contact me via the form here: . I will help you with that.

Amazing template. You guys killed it with this one! The customizability and simplicity makes me a very excited owner of this product! Thanks for putting in all the hard labor for these. They look great!

Oh wow, thank you sir!

Does this allow you to substitute your own logo into envatos spot?

Yes, sure.


When i try to export the main comp – trimmed the workarea already and used RGB + Alpha- i get this message : An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted (-1610153464)

Hello again, I can’t seem to reproduce your issue in any of the supported AE versions.It seems there’s something wrong with your After Effects installation. You should try reinstalling After Effects and make sure you have all the required codecs, like Quicktime. Are you able to install the latest version of After Effects? If you can’t do any of this for some reason, I can offer to render it for you. Just contact me via my profile page: and I’ll respond with what I’ll need to do that.

thx but i always have the latest AE version, for quick time i will take a look

It’s most likely a Quicktime issue, please let me know if that was the issue or not. Thanks!

I can’t figure out how to change the background text font in one of the layers. It’s the word for the “Life” layer in Scene 26 that’s giving me problems. I changed the fonts for all the layers to Avenir, but it looks like the background layer that appears in the first 1 second keeps the old font. Still learning the ins and outs of After Effects, so this is a little frustrating.

Hello, thanks for purchasing!

1. Unhide all hidden layers (I’ve commented on your dropbox picture). 2. Find a layer #25 named Life 1 and remove the little lock icon, so you can select the layer. 3. Change the font.

That’s it!

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions – don’t hesitate to ask.

Regards, cooreets

Thank you! That’s what I was looking for.

I like it! great. I wish you many interesting works and good sales!

Thank you!

Hi, good job, please i have problems with the out animation, i can see it in the Main Comp when i press U, but if i want to export the scene, it only show me the in, but not the exiting animation. Thanks Great Day

Ok, I think I know what the problem is. You’re trying to render the Scene_X composition, instead of rendering from MAIN COMP, because only there it has the in and out animations.

Step 1: Modify your Lower Third until you’re happy with the results. Step 2: Go to MAIN COMP and find the Scene you just modified. Step 3: While holding Shift and Drag the both Work Area ends so you only have your Scene inside. Work Area is this draggable area indicator just below the Current Time Indicator and this is how you indicate what part of the timeline you want to render. Step 4: Go to Composition->Add to render que Step 5: In the Render Que click on Output Module: Lossless and in the popup window, in the Video Output category find Channels and set it to RGB+Alpha. Step 6: Render the video and then you can import that in your other projects.

That’s it! Hope this helps. If you have any questions/issues, please let me know.

All the best, cooreets

Finally i did, thank you very much!!

You’re very welcome, glad I could help!

Hey guys,

I want to change the ‘NO’ in Scene 1 with a longer word but then the intro falls entirely out of place. How do I edit this?

Hello PhilHil,

Thank you for purchasing!

I can offer you a temporary solution – if you’ll give me the exact word you want to use, I can make it work specifically for this word and send the project file to you. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll be sure to fix this in the next update.

Regards, cooreets

Okay, I’ll probably be doing some more editing tonight. If I find some problems I’ll forward then to you.

Deal. If you’re going to send me any files, then please do it via contact form on my profile page:

Hi, thanks for this amazing set. Just wondering how to set exiting animation? Thanks Mike

Hello Mike,

Thanks for purchasing!

The In and Out animations are set in the MAIN COMP. If you select a scene you’re editing in MAIN COMP and press U on your keyboard, you will see the in and out keyframe controls. With those you can control the title display time and even the speed of the animation.

Hope this helps! If you have any difficulties with it, feel free to let me know – I’ll help.

Oh, and please rate this project, I’d appreciate it :)

Thanks, cooreets

Hi Cooreets,

Thanks for getting back to me. Definitely 5-star quality and after sales service,

Cheers Mike

Thank you!

5-Star product. These designs were great, utilizing a wide range of applications, from social media to broadcast lower thirds. Great product.

Thank you for purchasing and I’m glad you liked it!

Great Job!!! I’m so happy to follow you!!! Wish You All The Best My Friend!!! :grin:

Thank you!

Nicely done, looks great! :)

Thank you!

fantastic work, very well done !

Thank you!

Great work and good to see you back :)

Thanks and great to be back!

can these colors be edited? it says “controlled by expressions”

Hello! Yes, of course all colors are editable to your preference.

Edit: I updated the description to prevent any confusion about this. Thanks!


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