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if you can offer a version for CS4 I will buy now

Ah, I’m sorry. I only have cs5 for now. :-)

I recently purchased Minimal Quotes, and I am wondering how to replace the image/video with an alpha layer so when I render the scene the only thing that’s left is the box animation and the text – the background is transparent. How would I go around doing this?

Thanks! Ben

Hi Ben, thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, placeholders can’t be empty or transparent. Because without it won’t able to see the flipping animation and text box fill. I hope this answers your question. :-)

If you have any questions, please let me know by email me from my profile page.

Regards, Madli.

Hi, is it possible to remove the filters on the images? thanks

Yes. You can disable it by turn off “lines venetian” Layer for lines effects.. And also turn off “color filter” layer at image precomp composition.

If you have any questions, you can email me at my profile page. Thanks. Regards, Madli

Hi there – great slideshow! Please let me know how to add another 20 scenes, so that they’re unique – when I try copy/paste scenes, when I update the text in the original scene 10 (for example) the text in the new pasted scene 10 also changes. Please help!

Hi, thank you for your purchase. These scenes comp use a pre-comp in it, it won’t duplicate precomp for normal duplicate scene (ctrl +D), usually I use script called “true comp duplicator” for this process.

Please email me, at my profile page, so I can help you to do that. :-) Thanks Madli.

‘mudular’ structure