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Great job. Nice functionalities. Good luck with the sales :) DigitalCenturySF

Hello digitalcenturysf, I wish many sales and all sucess to you, thank you ! :)

Great work…JoelStarling, bravo!!

Hello NoiseHoop, thank you so much my friend ! :)

This project is awesome ! AE version is a success !!!

Hello Premiere_Design, thanks a lot ! :)

Excellent work buddy!!! ;)

Hello juanmita, I’m your fan ;) Thank you very much my friend ! :)

Really useful project. I wish you further progress in the work and inexhaustible inspiration!

Hello MediaSoundsGroup, thank you so much my friend ! :)

Hello Afterdarkness75, thank you so much ! :)

Hello MultifoxStudio, thanks my friend !!!

Hello coreytaylor, thank you so much ;)

Congratulations !!!

Hello Defhp, thank you so much my friend :)

Hello SetePoint, thank you :)

Hello levmotion, thanks my friend ! :)

Looks great!Nice work!))

Hello BlackCrocodile, thank you so much ! :)

Very Nice !!! Do you have the option of not “colorizing” your logo ?? Cheers!

Hello vizion-studios,

Thank you very much for contact me ! Nice to meet you my friend ! :)

Yes ! You can disable the “Color” option on your logo !

But this is an advanced configuration, after the purchase, please contact me through the support, so I can help you step by step :)

Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Any questions, please contact me again !

I’ll do my best to help you ! :)

I’m always available !

King Regards.