Discussion on Minimal Logo V03 Ink Ident

Discussion on Minimal Logo V03 Ink Ident

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Very nice work!

Thanks WebRa :)

Pretty neat one :)

Thank you StanisLav :)

Great work!

Really great work dude! :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you Lakos :)

Your video guide doesn’t work in VLC or any FLV Player in Mac App Store. Either crashes or shows a green screen.

Need to know how to change the colors and the size of the logo and background. Can’t find those worksspaces in the project.

As a summery,

01. “BG color, BG Gamma” to change the background Colors 02. “Logo Scale”, and controls which starts with “Main Text” and “Third Text” to change the size and positioning of the logo and text. 03. “Ink color”, “Ink line color” , and “Ink hit color” controls to change the colors of the ink elements.

04. Finally “Logo Center” controls to center the logo if the logo is off centered.

IMPORTANT :: Your time slider have to be on the marker called “Centering” before you change the value in the “Logo Center” control.

TIP :: Drag the time slider while holding down “Shift” key to snap on to the marker.

If your problem persists, please mail me via my profile page so that I can mail you an Mp4 or any format you wish.


Did you managed to get it sorted out ?

Thank you CreAnimation :)

Hi there, I’ve purchased this great logo sting but have some questions: when I tried slowing down the animation (extending the duration), it looked very clunky and the frames didn’t seem to blend properly and looked like it was skipping frames. Any way to resolve this? Thank you :)

Thank you very much for purchasing Jonah,

Well that is normal when you do that, because the software is having a hard time filling in the additional frames after slowing down. You can’t do that unless you introduce a specific tool which address that specific problem.

After Effects provide two methods of frame blending for that, namely,
Pixel motion and Frame mix (Pixel motion is better)

Select the layer you want to slow down, and go to,
Layer -> Frame Blending -> Pixel Motion and make sure you have “Frame Blending” switch turned on in the timeline panel (its at the top of the timeline panel)

Read this for a complete guide,

If you have any chance for a third party pug-ins, just try “Revison Effects Twixtor” Plug in, which does a fantastic job slowing down footages,

Hope it helps :)

Just came cross this (long after you released it). Really nicely done, and a great idea. It’s always nice to see good ideas done in new ways.

Best of luck to you.

Thank you for the good words Dorian, and its really nice to have your comment :)

Can I customize color?

Hi Robin,

Yes you can customize colors !


I was wondering if there was a way to keep the logo the same size through out the sting

Hi RussR,

Thank you very much for purchasing :)

The animation reveals your logo first and the main text and then the third text.

If you do not have a main text and a third text to reveal, you can always animate the Logo scale attribute and try to maintain the size. But honestly I am not sure how much that would work because I never designed the animation to keep the size of the logo unchanged. There is also a continuous camera movement too.

Please try it yourself, but if your client attempt to shoot you for not doing it, .... mail me via my profile page, and I’ll see what I can do !

Thank you, FXNinja

got it it was the camera Thank You So Much Great Stuff

Hi RussR,

Glad it worked out ! ... Good luck with your project. :)