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Good work my friend!! ;)

Amazing Logo!

Nice work I wish you happy sales !


very nice clean logo project !!


Friend, I wish you more sales and positive mood! ;)

Is it possible to change a logo without using after effects?

No, you need add your logo in After Effect and export it to your Motion Graphic Template.

Dude, you shouldn’t list your product under “Premiere” when it’s an “After Effects” template.

... nvm, I’m silly. Great product. Thank you. Can’t delete previous comment.

Hello, I am using a graphic image and have used the subtitle text in after affects, but when I save as a motion graphic template the subtitle wont save into the motion graphics template – it keeps defaulting back to, how do I fix this so that I can save the subtext within After Effects. I have tried a couple of times with our success? Thank ou

bye the way, a great logo – my first time using After Effects – so it took me a little longer to set up. The logo is really nice and works great.

Hello, an update in my last comment about the subTitle text not saving through the Motion graphic Template – I eventually was able to get it working – I just had export it a few times for it to stick. It is fixed now, but if I am doing something wrong, I would still appreciate your feedback. It looks really great. All the best,

Hello, I hope the problem is solved? If not, please contact me by mail, and send 2-3 screenshots so that I can understand what’s wrong;

Thanks Vooofka for your prompt response

Thank you I am doing my best)

how do you install this product in premiere?

You need open this project in after effects and update *.mogrt file. And import your *.mogrt file to Essentials Graphic panel in Premier Pro

Bummer that the logo literally has to be white to start and then turn into coloured logo. I was under the impression that whatever logo used would have the desired effect.Waste of $15 no-one would want their logo altered.

You can use original color of your logo. You just need to switch the checkbox “Logo | Title Fill”.

Thank you so much for the template. Does it have to be 25 fps? Or can I do it in 23.97 to match to project? Or should I export it as mov file and then add to timeline? – Thank you

Hello. You can use project with 23.97 fps. I just checked it. Drag and drop .mogrt file frome Essential Graphics to your timeline and keep existing settings.

Thank you for getting back to me so fast! I endedup creating the sequence in 25fps, nesting it and then adding the nested sequence into the 23.97 project. Meantime all looks good. Your template also works well with png files. Awesome work and so well organized. Thank you again,

Thank you! I appreciate your attention!

This one si so elegant ! Perfcect! Very original ! I love it!

Thank you

I loved it. I can use my logo in these animations.

Of course. You need Primer Pro and After Effect instaled to put your logo there.

if you have to change logo in aftereffects, there’s no point to download premiere project. money wasted

Hi, I’ve bought your plugin with my working account, but how is it possible to enlarge image-logo (especially if I’ve a little letter, it seems too little in the great BG/window!). Thanks and great work!

Hello. Do you check this Tutorial:

Hi, yes I see it :) and I’ve enlarge logo at the maximum of the white square, during the phase 1 in AE Later I’ve render it and exported as video opener (.avi), without passing as Essential Graphics in Premiere… But I would understand how to enlarge (for example in your video) the sample “Envato” logo, bigger than white square… because If I transform text, it doesn’t see anymore! Do you understand my request? :) thanks for your support

Can we make Skype call ? I will try help you. Text me on my e-mail:

Extremely frustrated at the lack of being able to have a transparent background with this? Is there any way I can do this as I want to overlay my logo.

I don’t realy understand what are you want do. Can you send me an e-mail? I will try to help you.

Hi, I want to use the animation as an overlay onto a video. For some reason I can’t export the animation with a transparent background?

You can turn off background. Text me on my e-mail and I can send you a small video tutorial.