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Can i use Premiere CS6 or After EffectsCS6 to edit this Item?

You can use After Effect version of this project. Minimal & Clean Slideshow – After Effect version work with AE CS6 and above.

Can I use it without After Effects? Just Premiere Pro?

No. You need After Effect for put your photo in project.

So if I don’t have 4k resolution on my computer this project will not work smoothly on my computer?

This project will run on a computer with any resolution. On a more powerful computer process will be more comfortable.

do you have to have after effects and essential graphics on premiere to use this?


how can I convert the project to 1080?

You can use your 1080p footage in this project; Increase your footage by 2 times in order to place them in the placeholders. Quality will remain the same.

hi i have tried removing the gaussian blur under 03. Assets > Scenes > Scene 6 > [6 PH] but the blurness is still there :/ pls advise

Press “Show hidden layers” and turn off “OpticalEffect” Layer. You can text on my e-mail. I will try to help you there.

hi i have tried turning of the Optical Effect, it only remove the distortion but not the “blur” scene 6 is having problem. please help!