Discussion on Merry Christmas Logo Reveal

Discussion on Merry Christmas Logo Reveal

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Hello. I’m running After Effects 18 on Windows 7. I’ve downloaded the zipped file which is a little over 1.07 GB. The un-zipped folder is 62.3 MB. When the project is open it gives me a warning that says 40 files are missing. There is nothing in the footage folder.

The only thing in the footage folder is a .DS_Store File

Hi. Please have a look inside the _MACOSX folder: everything should be inside there. It’s because the zip file was created with a Mac and PC’s I zip files slightly differently. Hope this helps you find everything you need.

Update coming soon guys! hopefully next few days.

Nighttime scene!

can you advise me how to change the text”happy holidays”? thx

The text can be changed with a checkbox to the other predefined text. It’s either “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” did you need it to say something else?

Hi, I have the same Problem : i tried to use it but it says 10 files are missing since the last time it was saved. I downloaded the file 2 times. The screen shows only the test image…

what files are missing?

I have reassigned the image sequence files, now everything works :-) thank you!

Great! Glad you figured it out. Happy Holidays! :D

Hi ! Thanks, it’s really great. I have a pb : i can’t change the text “Happy holidays” and i have expression error… I couldn’t find it in your guide.

Hi e-eme, whats the error its giving you? you could unhide the layers and then go into the actual comp file and turn on the other image sequence if it is giving you errors? the checkbox should work fine though? hope this helps! please let me know.

It’s ok ! I fix it :) Thank you

Parfait! Désolé pour la confusion. Enjoy!

Hi, I tried to use it but it says 10 files are missing since the last time it was saved.

And the footage folder is empty :/

I really need an answer

Please check email. I think your zip file is corrupt? The download should be over 1gb in size

could “Merry Christmas” be replaced with an other Cyrillic text?

I can change it here and render out the image sequence for you but unfortunately it’s produced in cinema 4D originally.

Hi, I’ve got it. Help me to change string to “happy holidays!” it’s not in the guide

Hi, just use the checkbox control layer and turn on the checkbox. Hope this helps.

Congratulations!!! It is great and original.

Thank you! I’m just working on a slight update too where the wording on the pop up string says “Happy Holidays”. Should be available soon!

very very nice!

thank you!

Very Nice Work!

thank you!

Very good work buddy!!! Happy sales!!! ;)

cheers Juan!

Wonderful Animation …

thanks CompDesigns

Wonderful work! Well done!

Thanks fixit

Looks great!!! :)

thanks DiamondC! :D

Amazing project! Nice animation!

Thank you very much! Only took me 2 years to finish.

I wish you many interesting works and good sales!

Cool work! Very nice!

thank you Eufaraday. Merry Christmas!


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