Memory Fragments Cinematic Opener

Memory Fragments Cinematic Opener

Project made with 100% pure pieces of paper and everything is built based on timelapse photography technique. This is multipurpose template – use it in common situations as the opener, film intro, photo albums, presentations. Imagination free.

Main Features:

  • Shot frame by frame with photo
  • 11 Placeholders for photo & video
  • 24 text areas
  • 1 additional footage for wipe FX
  • 1 Place for intro & logo
  • 1 placeholder for the main title or use for other purposes
  • 6 Unique paper textures
  • 4 Light filters
  • 5 Different shapes for placeholders
  • Modular template
  • 3 Different render styles
  • Music file is included
  • User friendly project
  • Minimal knowledge required to customize

Fonts used for this project are free & you can download it here: SESSIONS and MIKODACS
Who likes only audio, you can purchase audio here: Remember Me
If you need maximum quality for the placeholders 1280×720 resolution, but 1920×1080 you can get it here (the link will be updated) & with minimum modifications: adjust the size for your footage – placeholders (it use the same alpha transparency) you can start rendering in 1 minit.
All names on the video – based on imagination. Images are not included, but if you need, check the FAQ section for more information.
FUN FACT: 2 weeks required to make this beauty & over 4000 pieces of paper. 12GB Storage for processing.
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Please check lovely audio track: