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Hi there, could you please make this in a SQUARE format for Instagram please?

Hi, I can and will do.

Friend, I wish you constant inspiration and more sales! :)

After opening the project, it does not look like documentation, and it does not turn out that there is nothing to change. What should I do?

Excellent support! The guys helped very quickly and with the video, how to do it! Lovely template!

Hello, I’ve input my text in the project but its changed to font to random letters, how do I change this to English?

I resolved it myself, this project could really use some more documentation explaining about the essential graphics ae templates and how to change fonts etc

Hello, sorry that did not answer. Adobe has not yet made it possible to change the font.

Awesome! Fantastic design!

Hi! Does someone knows how to add a scene in the projet? I need to add more products! Thanks a lot!

Hi, catch the link how to add a scene

all of the media is offline and can’t be located. how do i fix this?

I just purchased and downloaded this file, but when I try to open any of the 3, it says “the project appears to be damaged, it cannot be opened.”

hello I am trying to add an image but I can’t get rid of the grey box or the your product text

Hi, see the help file.3. Edit Image. On the example. Open composition 01. Edit Comp / Scene 02/ Images 02. Put here its picture. Picture with gray box can turn off or remove

Hello, I wanted to change the size of the text and fit it to what I need. Thank you in advance

Hi, you can only change the color and content.

How do you adjust the logo to each individual scene? Scene 03 AS comes up and has the logo to adjust to product #2 but i cannot figure out how to adjust the size in product #1. This is not the same as the logo setting—looking for the setting for logo in each scene. thx

Found it in the bin under Scene Assemble

Hi Sarapultsev,

The project is missing several files, it is also an old premiere version. Cant attached a picture, but it is missing:

MegaSale_Text 01.aegraphic MegaSale_Text 02.aegraphic MegaSale_Text 03.aegraphic MegaSale_Text 04.aegraphic MegaSale_BG.aegraphic

NM, found them right after I posted.

No sound ouput on the Final Comp? What am i missing? It works in the “Drop Music Here” scene. Also does not output to final mp4.

hi, send a screenshot of the final sequence

and a screenshot of the render settings screen