Discussion on Meet the team

Discussion on Meet the team

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Yoo bro, I’m doing a grime cypher with about 12 guys on and this would be sick as an introduction but I’m curious as to how i can edit it? can i put this straight into final cut and do it that way or would i have to use an ambition program if that makes sense?

Hi Crezwell, you need after effects CS4 or above to edit the template. Regards

Does the project automatically convert any image to the spray painted look? Cool project!

yes, you just drop your picture, adjust the level of detail if needed and that’s it. Regards

Hi there, I love this and wanna use and customise it for my projects. Just one question: I will get some cool photos of myself and my team but does your project automatically apply the effects you have on your images? Thanks!

Hi sherpy, yes, the effect will be applied to the photos automatically, you only need to drop them inside the placeholder. Regards

Hi there, I’m not sure how to change the color scheme. You say it’s pretty easy, but I can’t figure it out. First time using AE. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your purchase! The template comes with a simple user guide that will help you understand how it works, if you still have questions after reading it, send me a message through my profile page and I’ll be glad to help you out, kind regards.

This is a great Project, but unfortunately im having trouble, im using a MacPro 2008 6G Ram and AF CS5 , but when i try to open the File it tell me not enough memory. i need some help? it wont open at all?

Hi, thanks for your purchase! Your system’s specs are more than enough for this project. It was tested on a 32bit pc with only 2gb of ram. I would try closing other apps or even downloading the zip again just to be sure. Let me know if it helps. Regards.


Gracias a ti Daniel!

Amazing Work!!

Is it possible to disable the hand and spray can (separate layer)?

PS – I realize this is part of the awesomeness of the project!

Hi Janelle! yes, you can mute that layer and render the project without it. Regards.

OK first off let me say SUPERB …..I had issues getting it ready but all my fault…I love this and my friends love it. It’s very different and gets the point accross…...........Excelent job and keep up the good work…..Very professional responds to questions very and I mean Very fast…..Give credit where it is due SENORAFILMS has a new fan, and follower!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Nathanael!! Thank you so much for your kind words, people like you make this website an awesome place to be!!

awesome work guys!

Thanks Daniel!

Thanks for the update. by lags I mean little freeze, it’s not fluid. It’s can be my pc, but I have a good configuration and I have never had problem.

In every case it is a very cool AE project ! Thank’s a lot

Video freezes during ram preview or in the rendered file? Sometimes that happens when you playback hd videos in qt animation or other lossles codec. Send me and email so I can send you the file. It’s better than refreshing my dashboard every 2 minutes ;)


I meet some problems with the project. The sound isn’t synchro with video, and the first two scenes haven’t sound of graph. is it normal?

Furthermore when I compile the project, I have lags once the file to compile even with a lower resolution. Know you where from it can come? I have never met this problem on other projects

I am French, sorry for my approximate English!

Thank you for your help,


Hi Mika, you are right about the audio sync, I’ve already updated the project but I will send it to you via megaupload so you can have it today. Send me a message through my profile page and I will send the project to you. I don’t understand what you mean by “lags” please explain a bit more so I can help you out. Regards, sonorafilms.

thanks a lot Misel!

Thank you man! I´m glad you like it

Very cool and very creative, best wishes ;)

Thanks a lot Robin!

Awesome ! That is so cool ;)

Thanks man! that’s really kind

Thanks guys, you are awesome!!!

you do it every time! love it… DESIGN KING ;)

Hey Ben! It’s always nice to hear from you. Sorry I never reply your vimeo comments but it seems my account has some kind of bug and I can’t post anything, a warning pops up saying I’m spamming :(

Thanks my friend! looks like you have another killer file :) It’s great, you are working really hard man!

Thanks C_Quence!

Big idea! Congrats Sonora!

Thanks Recortex! Man, you have to upload a new project, I love your work


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