Discussion on Meet Mike&Mary Whiteboard

Discussion on Meet Mike&Mary Whiteboard

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I just purchased the meet mike and mary template. When editing in AECS6 the text that I type show up as random letters and numbers. For example if I type out BOB it displays as @@M. Am I doing something wrong?

It sounds like a glitch, I would try restarting AE. Also, are you using the Dennes Old Handwriting Font ?

This is a great template in a lot of ways, but it takes up to 10x longer to render than others I’ve used. Is there something I’m missing? No settings I change or unused elements I delete seem to help. Do you have any tips? (Cs6, mac). My computer renders other templates of a similar length and seemingly complexity within an hour, but even on draft quality this can take 5 or 6. Please help.

Hi Thank you for purchasing! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with rendering. I would suggest turning off motion blur for the Main Comp or at least the hand layers I added it to make the hand motion look a little more realistic, but I think you’ll get good results without it and cut down the render time significantly. I hope this helps. Please let me know if it doesn’t solve the problem, or if I can help with any thing else. Best Regards.

Thanks! That seems to have really helped. I appreciate the fast response too.

Glad I could help :)

Thanks for this great template. I am happy that i can purchase this. Could you please let me know how to cut out certain sections ?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing! I’m glad to know that you like the template. :) I have emailed you the instructions to make the change you want.

But here’s the short answer: Turn off the visibility of the layers you don’t want to see in the Main Comp and adjust the keyframes on the Camera control layer to reveal only the sections you want to see.

Best Regards, Micaela

Hi! Awesome looking promo. I am wondering if it is compatible for mac?

Hi! Thank you for asking. Yes it is compatible with Mac :)

Hi, awesome project !

Just a question about compatibility : is it compatible with After Effect CC (2015, 2016 and 2017) ?

Best Regards :)

Yes, but I only have access to a PC for testing. Can’t be 100% sure it will be compatible with those versions on a Mac. Thank you for asking!

hi ,

i but this but i can’t set it up by myself. So i am looking for someone who can set it. THX

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! Have a look at this service I think it is just what you’re looking for.

Thank you Roman!