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Great 3D! Very useful project :)

Yeah… basically unlimited amounts of rotation styles you can make and having the ability to import your own icon/logo makes the project even more useful!

Yep…I agree… :)

extraordinary work Matthew

Thanks a lot Black Watch!

I purchased this item because it said it works with AE. After opening it in AE where are all the files to work with. Not sure what I purchased because all I see is color bars

That is because this is a Cinema 4D AND After Effects project file as it is listed as a Cinema 4D template and states this on the webpage in quite a few areas. You need both Cinema 4D AND After Effects to use this properly. You can download a free trial on if you do not have it.

Also if you can’t figure out Cinema 4D you could head over to here: or here: to just buy the motion graphic files of a simple 3D media icon spin. Let me know if you need any more help.

Works in After Effects CS3 / CS4 / CS5 / CS5 .5 / CS6 and Cinema 4D R12 / R13 /R14

When something says it will work in CS5 I would assume it works in CS5 . While in your mind you may think it clearly states you have to have C4D , it was and is confusing. Even though it may be a C4D file one does not automatically assume you have to have that software in order to work on it. I can open an Illustrator file in Photoshop, a Word Perfect file in Word, and Excel file in Word etc. The ad said CS5 AND C4D . I have no desire to purchase Cinema 4D. In this case the assumption could be and=or and that either software could work.

Simply confusing, misleading, and does’t work as led to believe. Waste of money

The file is listed in the CINEMA 4D TEMPLATES part of videohive website not the AFTER EFFECTS PROJECT FILES part of videohive. If you go to 90% of all cinema 4D templates they say the same exact wording.

You render out the project in Cinema 4D and then bring it into after effects. Sorry this has been such a problem for you. Matthew

Its not so much a problem as it is a waste of money since I cannot use it. I found it in the Motion Graphics section . I did not look at the Cinema 4D list for obvious reasons.

Got ya. If you feel it is a problem I would suggest talking to envato support about there website search engine.


I need to import an icons with my logo into the project and instead of showing that you make up a cube. Argh! How do I do I get my icon into the Add You Icon Here area?



watch the tutorial it should show you what you need to know about importing your own logo. Besides that could you please rephrase your question because I am not making sense of what you are asking.

very interesting work! good luck