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hi. Can I use this for the intro of my videos on youtube?

Hi, yes you can use photo or video.

Thanks. Do I have to buy the Regular License or Extended License?

I’ve bought this items, i use linux, can you post a program that open you files?

I ‘ve installed CS7 After Effects, when i open the project appear a warning dialog with “ incomplete or missing” etc how can i fix this?

You need to install “quicktime”player to your computer.

It is needed to reproduce footage of “mov” format and also to render project.

hello Qwadro .. intro logo is amazing, but I do not understand how to add audio? I had purchased Music by James-Lee-Gray Light Logo 1, but my confusion to add audio or audio switch, can you help me please? hehe

I have successfully added audio, sorry I am a beginner in after effect .. hehehe

Hi Qwadro,

I want to change the background color in white, I have modified BG Color 1 and BG Color 2 but the background is yellowed. Do you have a solution for that ?

Thank you

Hi, yes it can be decided to turn on the “Original Colors” in the panel “Controls”

Thank you! I did not see this, my bad.

Am I able to change the background Color of the Green circle at the end? Can’t seem to find a way

Hi , you need open composition named “Shape and Logo” Folder “03.Others” >>”Comps” >>”Shape and Logo”>> Layer “Controls”>>”Shapes Color”