Marketing Agency Promo

Marketing Agency Promo

Premiere Pro template for creating a marketing agency presentation, a new service
promo or a digital company launch.

The design is centered around the circle shape. It guides the viewer’s attention and
puts the focus on your content. The circle suggests community, friendship, integrity,
protection and perfection. It’s the form of common archetypal images such as the
sun, the earth, the moon, ring, wheel, and apple.

Circles rotate around your content like the planets around the Sun. Their movement
is full of energy, dynamics, and fun. It conveys an inspiring and friendly tone of voice
showing your viewers that they can trust and rely on you, and makes them feel
connected with your brand.

Feel free to experiment with design within the project: replace and change the
elements scale, mix different backgrounds, visual elements, and colors to create
your own new compositions.

Project features:

  • Color control
  • Modular structure
  • 4K
  • 100 % Premiere Pro
  • Premiere Pro CC 2020 and above
  • No plugins required
  • Photos are not included
  • Music