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Hi, purchased your file a few days ago. Can you tell me how can I cut down on the render time without effecting the quality?

Thanks MP

Hi! Try using a quicker DOF mode and lower the sampling/supersampling. It’s described at the end of the help file. It will reduce the quality slightly but you can still get a decent result by tweaking these parameters a bit.

Thanks! Much better!

very great look – keep on that good work

Thanks a lot! :)

Hi! Great work! I have a question. How can I use my original logo colors (I have 2 colors) on the top layer?

Thanks! Well, you’ll have to adjust the top material color inside the E3D editor or set up a custom texture layer (like the flowing magma). It’s a bit complicated to explain in short terms but there’s lots of good tutorials out there for making custom materials.

I purchased this template and have had success in creating a great looking animation. I have been tweaking certain settings to get it just right (like lightening the background) and have noticed an issue. When the camera pans the logo at an angle you can catch a chunk of black in the corner. I believe this is the default background color but I can’t seem to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the info. :) I´ll check it out and upload an update when I spot the issue.

I think I see your problem. Maybe the best alternative is to delete the background plane inside the E3D editor and then enable it as a 3d layer in the timeline. Then you´ll have more control over the edge transparency. Then if you duplicate and rotate the bg layer you can mask out any “holes” which may work better with a brightened background.

Good day, just bought this effect and while trying to open the project, the Element is asking to relink textures. I show the path and the whole system is hanging, only restart button helps. Already trying 3 times. Maybe the problem with my computer? Macbook pro 13, integrated video intel 3000? Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for the purchase. Hmm.. I’ve never heard of this problem before. It may be your system but I would check with the Element 3D support forum on or post a new thread there to see if anyone else have experienced similar behavour. If your files sits on an external drive you can try copying them to the local drive.

No, everything is on main disk. I guess the problem is in GPU, as far as both versions of AE, 5.5 & CC are behave similar, crashing after start.

pitkoz i do have the same problem with cs 5 cs6 and cc

Any suggestions? :)

Hi! Sorry about the late reply. I´ve answered your email.

Hi. Great work i purchased this template my Imac Gets hanged after creating the autotrace and AE says Not responding so pls guide me to create this template

Hi! Thanks for the purchase. Do you have a complex logo? If so, you can try adjusting the threshold and Tolerance settings if you have a medium/slow system. You should also try to update AE if you haven´t done so for a while. Personally I like to trace manually with the pen tool as this gives it the best result.

Hello. I am missing links to the Element 3D file. I relinked the textures, but the model “plane” isn’t there. Id this something that should be already available in Element 3D, or do I need to get this somewhere?


Hi! Thanks for purchasing. The plane element really should be there, so it sounds like there might be something wrong with your e3d installation. Try reinstalling or update. If you´ve upgraded to e3dv2 I got no clue yet, since this still is brand new and I´ve not personally tested it.

Great work! But I too am missing the plane element. It want to relink it. I’m using the new v2.

Ok guys! I found the fix for those missing the plane.obj!!! Here is what you do…. Go into the project file then into the element 3d plugin Create a plane (in v2) Copy the material from the old plane object and copy it to the newly created plane. Then scale the new plane object (make it larger). DON’T MOVE IT. Just scale it. And that should fix it!! Worked for me!

Thank you very much for this post!

Hi, just purchased.. when i render the textures don’t pull through… any ideas?

That sounds weird.. Do you see them in the viewport before hitting render? I think a google search might give you the answer. Or the forum.

DId not realize this was created on a Macintosh. I’m PC and having issues, should it work on PC? Also I have Element V2, could that be the issue why I’m it seems to freeze up?

Hi! I´ve added the solution in the item´s f.a.q section.

Hi – Just purchased this – I should have read through prior, but I missed that it says it hasn’t been tested with v2 – When opening, it opens fine, but when I click on screen setup it gives me an error and crashes: After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plugin “Element” Now I can create a new Element 3d object and launch the settings screen in the file fine, its when trying to open the settings in the original file. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi! Sorry I didn’t see this before.. Haven´t heard about this problem, but maybe this guy got the answer?

Hi I cant get the mask to work correctly. I end up with a completely whited out logo in render mode. why is that please help.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Please send me a private message and I´ll try to help you out. I probably will need some screenshots etc..

Cool project! great steel effect!

Great work , whish you lots of sales my friend! :)

I can’t figure this out. It keeps saying it’s missing the “element”. I’m on PC….

Hello, is there anyway to make this work without spending $200 on the plug-in? Im new at this :)