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Really cool! Awesome!

Magic! Very beautiful!

Nice work, though false advertising: you wrote no plugins required, when actually you need ReelSmart Motion Blur, Optical Flares, which are not free plugins.

Sir if there were plugins neededو VH staff would reject this item!...This project uses these plugins but does not require them! :)

oh ok. But why under Uses Plugins tab: it says ReelSmart Motion Blur, Optical Flares? Wouldnt it be empty?

When uploading our projects we are asked to fill this field!...If we have used any plugins!...Plugins requirement has another separate field!

Amazing work, realy good one!

Excellent work!

Thanks everyone! :)

fantastic work, very nice :)

Looks very good!

Hi just purchased your Magical Butterfly Logo, and it looks like a very good job, but I’m new to After Affects and the video description that you provided is very fast and not very informative. Is there another video that can help me? Any help you can give would be appreciated. Yours Dave.

Oh yes sir…No problem i will support you fully!...Just send me an email to miladwolf1989@gmail.com..I will get back to you in 4 hours because im about to go out of work right now!

I just double checked the tutorial!,everything is written in a box at the lower right of the video…Which part do you need help with?

Very nice colorful combination

Thank you! :)

File does not work…missing Butterfly video…all i see is a bunch of color blocks…please help…

Hello sir...Please email me at m.elemental1989@gmail.com

issue resolved, user error. if you don’t extract file before opening it, after effects cant locate source content. I extracted the file, and every thing works fine..

Oh of course!...Happy to hear that! :)...And would you please take a moment to rate the project in your downloads page? :) Thanks

How much time did you needed to finish this Logo animation ?

I dont remember exactly!...But about 4 to 5 hours (containing the particles cashing time)