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Hi, there is a bug with one of your lower third… if you have a look to your demo video of the template and at this video ( , you will see that the text over the bar is disapearing before the bar are disapearing, but for your video it’s not the same, the text stays there.

Is it possible to have the fix files, because I hire someone to modify it and now I have to pay again…. :(

Hello affluencemedias,

Thank you very much for purchasing the project and also contact me !

Nice to meet you my friend ! :)

We detect small errors to work in CS6 version.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the file has been corrected and updated !

Write your email here, so I can send your new updated package !

Thanks for your feedback!

Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

I’ll do my best to help you ! :)

I’m always available !

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Hi, yes please send at

Please just let me know here you sent the file because I want to make sure it will not be marked as spam…. We really need the file asap because we need to put 2 new videos online fast :)

Thank you

Matt ;)

Hello Matt,

I sent now, the new file to your email :)

Please check if everything is right !

If you have problems, I am always available, my friend !

I’ll do my best to help you !

Kind regards.

Hello MultifoxStudio, thanks my friend !!!

Hello SagaSchool, thanks mate :)

Nice style my friend.

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Hello SetePoint, thank you so much !!!

I Just bought Minimalism Lower third. I’m not very gifted so I would like to know how I can change the size of the square If my texte is longer… Thank you !

Hello MagellanCommunication6710,

Thank you for purchasing the project and also by contact. Nice to meet you my friend ! :)

Please send an email to support:, or enter your email here in the reply field. Then I’ll give you all the information for your best work. Here it is very limited to give all the detailed information for you.

Please, any question, return me via email !

I’ll do my best to help you ! :)

I’m always available !

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Very cool project!

Thank you so much, romanmarvel ;)

Looks greet! I wish you only big sales! :)

Thank you so much, drev0 ! I wish for you too :)