Love Story V1

Love Story V1

Love Story V1 - 1 Love Story Animation

Animation for your wedding ceremony, time to show something different from your wedding with funny animations and romantic. Animation that tells the story of the journey of love you sweetheart.

These animations can also be used for:

  1. Capture your love journey
  2. As the opening ceremony wedding reception
  3. As a memento of your love story
  4. As a souvenir for invited guests
Animation Love Story features:
  • 13 Background animation, 5 Backround Static
  • 2 color, brown and white
  • 8 characters, 4 men and 4 women
  • 2 body that is slim and fat
  • More than 50+ pose character animation
Everything is very easy to use, just drag and drop characters into the background.

The steps to create a story:
  1. Set Background
  2. Select a character
  3. Custom animation, either replacing the model’s hair or clothes.
  4. Drag and drop characters into background
  5. Integrate inter-scene into a single composition
  6. Enter your favorite music
  7. Render

Files that you get:
  1. File after effects CC 2014
  2. File Master Illustrator CC 2014
  3. Help File PDF manual book form

Fonts : Roboto Pacifico Please download and instal at your computer.

Plugins used is Duik , Duik is the plugins to make rigging puppet tool. Duik can download at Here

Make sure Duik already install at your computer.

Stock Footage :

Audio 1 Audio 2

Foto Footage :

If you experience any difficulties we are ready to assist 24 hours. Please go to our profile page to leave questions.Love Story V1 - 2