Discussion on Love Story - Photo Album

Discussion on Love Story - Photo Album

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Brilliant work! Is there anyway to take the blur off of any of the scenes?

Thanks for the comment. You can turn off blur effect by hidden the ‘blur’ layer. You will find it by clicking on the ‘Shy’ button (show all layers). See the screenshot

I’m just done with rendering, and the video looks totally great. Thank you for your work!!!!! Just one question, Is it possible to change the letters “Envato Proimage” on top left corner to something else? thank you!

You can change it inside the Frame comp. Look at this screenshot

Hi FiraSansOTLight is not found by After Effects CC 2018. I installed all FiraSans Font Files from your Link …

Hello, I found out that fontsquirrel updated Fira Sans font family and changed the names of the same fonts. Here is the link of the font I used in the project:

Great! Thank you!!

One short question. How can I add the Music File I buyed? I buyed exact the Audio File you are using in your demo.

please help me, my project doesnt work…

Describe clearly what problem do you have.

Says DaisyScript font is missing You should install this font, you can find all font links inside Help_file.pdf

Hello, is it possible to extend the last scene, specifically the rolling four-film pictures?

To be more specific – I’m hoping to turn the four-pictures into 16 pictures, if possible.

Hi, this is the video of how I would do this: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Hello, I accidentally bought 2 copies of your video. Will you help me refund the duplicate purchase?

Yes, no problem. Request a refund here: I will give my consent if necessary.

Great work and the tutorial is very helpful! When I rendered it, it’s taking too long and the file size is too big. Is there a way to reduce the file size and rendering time without affecting the quality of the video?


If you use AE CC 2014 or newer you will not be able to render your project in H.264 from AE. Here is the explain why:

You can save the project in the older version (AE 12) if you have it installed on your computer or use Media Encoder. I use both ways from time to time.

Thanks for the prompt reply! I have to change to another laptop because the one I used to make the video doesn’t have enough space to render. My question now is do I have to redo everything if I open the project in another laptop? When I opened it, it’s showing 20 files are missing. And the missing files are not the photos I inserted, but the placements. What can I do about it? Would really appreciate your prompt reply as my wedding is the day after tomorrow and I still can’t export the video!

You should save the project in this way:

Thanks, Individualprojects!

A very beautiful project! Successful sales to you!

Thanks, audiomania!