Reviews for Logo Transforming

Reviews for Logo Transforming

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for Flexibility

You can use this open on any sort of Logo and it will look great. I personally added in crowd noise and an arena background and the results were fantastic. It literally takes 5 minutes to set up your logo and you are ready to render it out.

Author response

Thank you very much!

for Visual Appeal

Timeless artwork. Timeless. Did I say timeless? The classics. Thank you very much.

for Customizability

by CC - United States 6 years ago

by DR - Sri Lanka 6 years ago

by JS - Germany 6 years ago

for Customizability

by KO - Finland 7 years ago

by PP - Slovenia 7 years ago

for Technical Quality

by JL - Australia 8 years ago

by 2P - Romania 8 years ago

by CL - Australia 8 years ago

by PS - Hungary 8 years ago

by SM - Moldova, Republic of 8 years ago

by PH - Canada 8 years ago

by NB - France 8 years ago

by ZL - Hungary 8 years ago

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