Logo Reveal Pack with Message

Logo Reveal Pack with Message

Modern and Elegant logo reveal pack with text, image or video message. • Full Control on the look of logo reveal and the whole ID • Custom changes in few easy steps • 30 Reveal Effects ready and the Option to make a Custom Reveal Effect • Total 60 Color Combinations ready and Option to make Custom Colors • 3 Looped Backgrounds for message part • Change Logo, reveal looks, messages, colors, particles easily

• Made with Camera Setup for every scene for easy camera angle and animation change

• Easy Custom Controls in Each file and for each part • Any combination of Reveal Effects possible • No Plugins are required • After Effects CS5.5 and above

Audio http://audiojungle.net/item/fashion-grooves/6814450?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=ninjabuffer

vertical-rectangle-01 vertical-rectangle-02

thick-circles-01 thick-circles-02

butterfly-01 butterfly-02

flowers-01 flowers-02

h-softlines-01 h-softlines-02

hearts-01 hearts-02

sun-01 sun-02

star-twinkle-02-01 star-twinkle-02-02

tri-thick-01 tri-thick-02

tri-solid-01 tri-solid-02

thin-squares-01 thin-squares-02

thin-circles-01 thin-circles-02

thick-squares-01 thick-squares-02

texture-02-01 texture-02-02

texture-01-01 texture-01-02

glossy-spheres-01 glossy-spheres-02

jewels-01 jewels-02

moon-01 moon-02

moon-thick-01 moon-thick-02

music-01-01 music-01-02

music-02-01 music-02-02

music-03-01 music-03-02

rectangle-long-01 rectangle-long-02

snow-flake-01 snow-flake-02

snow-flake-02-01 snow-flake-02-02

snow-flake-03-01 snow-flake-03-02

soild-square01 soild-square02

star-01 star-02

star-solid-01 star-solid-02

star-twinkle-01 star-twinkle-02