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Nice work buddy :)

Thanks biLader :)

Hi there,

can I use some texture for the floor and the pieces? sand, grains or something like that?

Thank you!

Hello! If you have extensive knowledge of AE you can. The elements are separated with Alpha Mattes.

Hi, i’m new to AE and i’m having troubles with the render of the video. I can’t see anything but black…i checked some basic stuff like hiding properties of the levels, but nothing. I had to convert all the .mov files in .avi, but i’m sure it wasn’t the problem.

Can you help me, please? Thank you

Do you have your CYCORE FX plug-in installed. This is a plug-in included in all AE original packages. Let me know if that works.

Hey Kramz,

Where did my recent comments go?

They were deleted by the mods. It’s not allowed to point any links to sites that offer our files for free or are selling content they stole from here. I suggest that next time you find something like that you should send an e-mail to the author. Thanks for your help though.

Hi KRAMZ , I’m pretty new to video hive, but I’ve quickly become a fan of your work. However, I do not not own any of the exspensive types of software that is needed (Adobe AE) to edit the files you create. So what I wanted to know is this: For people that purchase your products, are you able to work out deals where you edit the files with whatever picture or video files they provide you with and edit text and colors according to the customers specifications. If so, please let me know because I’m interested in a few of your products.

Hello alpreston3,
I’m always open to any freelance including customization to all my projects. Please contact me through my profile so we can talk about this through e-mail.

Brilliant mate I like it

Thanks ffatop :)

Great intro for architects! Is there a way to have the three different floors masked out completely so that a different floor can be used. I have a template I’m using for slideshows with a blueish grid an animated that would help keep a consistent theme.

Thank you in advance, Timothy

Wow! :O Stunning man!

Thanks Man!


Tried to download again. Same problem… Also I don’t get the sound I see it in the project but it does not play. French version the problem? no idea I’m a newbe with AE. If I upload my file on a server could you change the colors for me? Or let me know what I could be doing wrong. I did not install the free font so I also get that message at the beginning but I don’t think that this can have something to do with the other problems or can it?


@ 2babooblabla- Check your e-mail


I get errors opening the file : Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method called ‘Color’... expression desactivated (translated from french)

I get quite a few of those

And all works fine appart that I can’t change any color.

CycoreFX seems to be installed correctly and I can see it load in the loading panel of AE.

I’m using AE CS4 on vista64

My project looks great… but not the right color

please let me know,


Hello 2babooblabla, I’m not sure why you’re getting that error. It usually is due to CycoreFX plug-in missing. Could it be the French version the problem? other than that. I’d recommend to download the project again and try reloading it. Please let me know if it works as I haven’t heard of anyone with this problem before.


Not able to change the line color from gray to the color I need… what to do? Thanxs!

Thanks for buying enaya_g, Are you using a trial version of AE? Please make sure you have CYCORE FX plug-in installed. This is a plug-in included in all AE original packages. (I’m not sure if it comes with the trial version). Let me know if that works.


I inserted my logo to appear at the end there, but it takes the logo colors and distorts them to fit the current color settings. I’m not really good at editing this, is there any way to keep the logos original colors? Love the clip though, thanks! Jon

Hello 219jondn! Thanks for buying. You can do this simply by going inside the “CHANGE LOGO COLOR ” folder and open “yourLogo_color_precomp”. Select the layer with the name “Control”, keyboard press F3. You’ll find a Turn Color Off checkbox. Click on it and Voila!!

Thanks a lot! Works great! Thanks for your help, Jon

The 3d box animation won’t work on mine help!

Im having an issue the files logo box 1,2, and 3 all have the missing screen on them but idk what to put there ?

Hello freshness5… Thanks for buying
Maybe you need to re-link the missing files to the project.
Try this

Nice file kramz.

Thanks tginho… Just saw your portfolio and it looks great. Wish you good sales. Cheers

Hi, Great animation! Could you provide me with a link to where I can download the full version of the background music? I’d like to recut it so it doesn’t fade out so quickly, or even maybe use the whole thing as background for my site. Thank you so much, and great work!

Hello cdevalmont, thanks for purchasing. The music is from Videohive’s Asset Library (adg3com_coreissues.mp3). I’m not sure if you would be able to use it for personal or commercial purposes. For that, you would need to contact support.


Really great work

thanks a lot!

Maravilloso trabajo….

Me parece muy elegante y muy cool…. Me gustaria saber con que programas has hecho los footages, estoy empezando con el cinema 4D y me tienen apasionado los 3D.

Repidto Buenisimo trabajo

Un saludo

Muchas gracias chechuga, la parte 3D fue creada en Cinema 4d usando el modulo Mograph. Te recomiendo para que conoscas un poco mas de este. Espero te sirva de algo.

Un saludo

This is super brilliant man, good job!

Thanks Mass


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