Discussion on Living Stills - Looping Photo Animator

Discussion on Living Stills - Looping Photo Animator

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is this working on after effects 2020?

is this working with 1080×1080???

Great product! Excellent quality! Good luck with your sales!

Can this tool be used with a layered PSD, where each layer can be set up to animate differently?

Hi! I bought it on Elements and the loop doesn’t work. Please advise what’s the problem?

Work in After Effects 2019?


Would like to know if you have any plan or upcoming update to support 4K – 6K?

Hy, unfortunately no plan for 4K or 6K. In After Effects it would be painful to use Living Stills because of preformance issues.

It says 1920 resolution or smaller? is that correct? I edit minimum 4k, 8k and above footage so I am wondering if I can use this?

Hy, unfortunately only 1920px resolution is supported, or you can downscale it. 4K or 8K is not supported because of performance issues.


I wondering if the sequence before the Living Still title is also part of this project file as that is what I’m mainly interest in.

Please advise and thanks in advance, Dario

Hy, I’m sorry, but the fast changing image sequence is not part of the pack.

Hi I really love your plugin it’s simply fantastic and I would buy it immediately but: You wrote the following to navaadi two years ago: “Here you can read the official Videohive License Terms: Videohive Licenses If you project is a free project you need to buy only the regular license and you can use it as many times as you want: “You can make any number of copies of the single End Product, as long as the End Product is distributed for Free.”

Now clicking on the link reading the videohive licenses you can read that the number of end products is only 1. This is for the regular as well as the extended license. Is that true? Because paying 29 dollars in order to use it only for one single project is super expensive if you would like to use it on a regular basis animating still pics for use in videos. Can I buy your awesome plugin elsewhere where there is still an unlimited number of end products allowed or will you re-release it under a tools license here on envato? I consider using your plugin about 50 to hundred times so paying 29 dollars each is quite expensive.

Thank you for your help, best, Manni

Hy Manni, a message has been sent for you, please check your mail box. Thanks

I know you said that 1920×1080 is the highest res it can do, but is there any way to change that? I am proficient in after effects. I have been asked to animate a 4k image and the client needs to image exported at 4k. This product would be perfect if I can change the resolution of the input and output image. Thanks for your time!

Can I export to 4K video?

Hy, the maximum resolution to export is FullHD – 1920*1080 px.

Hi This is a cool tool.

One question, I’m trying to pick the final mp4 with 1080 * 1920, but what is the biggest size, height 1080?

It’s really fast Please answer


I’m happy that you find Living Stills cool.
This tool is optimized for 1920*1080.
You can change the resolution downward but the maximum width is 1920 and the maximum height is 1080.
If there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

Hello, I think there is a problem with the loop when there are 2 masks. It does not work. Can you help me? Thank you

Hy, sorry for the inconvenience off course I’m here to help you.
It’s hard to say what is wrong without seeing your project files. If I could ask You please upload it to somewhere from where i can download your project (like WeTransfer) and I will take a look what is wrong there. You can send the link via my my profile page. Thank you very much.

not working neither in french version.

Hy, sorry for the late reply. Can you add me more detail about the problem? Which version of After Effects do you use and could you please copy the error message what you get? Do you have the opportunity to use English languaged After Effects I think we have a problem with French languaged After Effects. Thank you!

is it possible to work with a psd with several layers instead of a plain jpg? thanks

Hy, yes you can! I recommend, to save a merged jpg as a background. Then import the PSD as separated layers into After Effects. Start the work with Living Stills and when it comes choose add mask. Instead of masking the main image load the layer to it’s place and do so with the other layers too.
I hope it will help. If there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

thanks for the link appreciate it. You made this tutorial? Great tutorial detailed and very useful. :)

Hi, great work! I was able to follow the tutorial and create a video with no problems. But now I want to work on a different picture, but it still shows all the control points from my first one. How can I start a fresh one without all my previous control points? Thanks

Ok. So for every new picture I want to affect, I have to start from scratch?

Usually yes, the safest solution is if you start from scratch. If your next image is similar as the previous maybe you can use the animated control points without change. It’s depends on your images.


I watch a lot of work and I liked your work. I sincerely wish good sales. good luck

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it! :)

Hello There , nice and awesome project . i just have a question i want to have this effect on a portrait layout not just Full HD Composition , what should i do? thank you so much\.

you can use it for portrait layout also!
Except for that the max height is 1080px.
Just import your image and don’t worry about that next to your image there is a padding.
When you finish in the last “Final Render” composition you need to change the composition size then you can render it and you are done.
I hope it will help, if there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask

Hi i just bought the living still image licence and i cant open the scripts in AE

thanks for the purchase!
Could you please add more detail about the problem?
Did you follow the Videotutorial which is included, or you can watch it here: Living Stills Videotutorial
When try to open it in After Effects with File/Scripts/Run Script file it’s doesn’t load properly? Can you please add more detail? Thanks


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