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Hi about Hello friend, from Guatemala. Let me know if you can add 2 more teams in the standings, because in our league is 12 teams, you could support me telling me how, thanks.


i will send you a mail very soon

Hi i waiting for the mail information, can you tell me when i give then? tnks

I Already sent you a mail.. But you didn’t reply

Could you please send it again, perhaps it was my spam folder and I did not realize. I leave 2 e-mail, thanks.

jgabriel29@gmail.com gabriel@sonidosymas.com

Thank you to tell me what is the issue that is entitled, thank you very much

Ok, the project brings standings to 10 teams and I need 12 teams, that’s all, thanks and sorry late reply.

Is this easy to customize? As in can I change the soccer field that shows where players will be positioned to a different “field” and move the players around in a different position?

yes you can change their positions … if you have any more questions send me an email

Hello. 1st let me say great job, amazing pack!

I have a question…. does it include a live match clock/time table?


Hey, thanks , glad you liked it. Sorry no it doesn’t , making a live clock is a bit complicated , it needs a special device so I didn’t think it is important to add. But if you have the device to do it, I provided a space where you can put in the live time there. If you ahve any more questions send me a PM.

Can i get the original compositions for the pre rendered movies I’d like to make a few changes Thanks

Can you send me a pm ?

Hi I’m thinking of buying me, I have an imac from the beginning of 2011 and I would like to know if it is enough machine or I need something more powerful, I only use it as amater for home videos, thanks

hello it looks nice.. it works with cc 2014?

yes !