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Great stuff!

thanks man.

Very nice stuff. Congrats Fernando


thanks. Yann for your comments

Really great!

Thanks man.

thanks. glad you like it

Hola Fernando muy buen trabajo. Te hago una consulta, tenes idea como se editaria esto en vivo?

Gracias Lucas. Disculpa la demora recién veo tu mensaje. la opción para el vivo es como hacemos acá en el canal que trabajo, pre-render de las composiciones y después agregarle los datos que falten con un generador gráfico para aire. abrazo

Great work!! Is there a way I can make the lineup display only 7 names and turn off the clock? Also are there effects for replays?

Yes, you can turn the shy button on, and hide the layer (colour frame) you dont like. I dont understand quite clear the other question. Send me a direct message so i can answer faster. Greets. Fernano

Hi, i have 2 questions: Is this compatible with after affects 2017 and…. If i purchase this is it only for 1 match or forever.

Hi, it is made with cs4, any above could open it right. You can use it as times you want. it is impossible to control, use it as you like. ;

Thanks for the swift reply really helped me out ;-)

I am looking for post production soccer scoreboard but I don’t want the time to display just the score. Is that possible ?

Of course you can edit every text in after fx. And sure you can hide anything you like to adapt your needs.

good news .. I am pretty new at editing videos. I assume it can be used in conjunction with Pinnacle Studio ?

is a project for after fx, but you can render the videos and use it where you like

I am very disappointed with this download as I was expecting a WORKING clock. Am I missing something? Please tell me you are not advertising a clock for live broadcast but only including a placeholder for the text. I didn’t want a placeholder. I wanted the clock.

hi grod, first of all i’m not advertising a clock for live broadcast because this is and after fx project. After effects is not made or capable of delivering a live graphic solution, is for offline, and you have to render the work, it is not made for live rendering.

The project was made to give you design and animation for you to render the graphics for a live graphic solution or just to render it and add it wherever you want to put it (premiere, final cut and so on).

It is not a good idea to make a real clock, you will need 45 to 50 minutes to render. But if you want a working clock it is an easy thing to do in after fx, but as i said it would be a heavy file and won’t be very useful.

If you need a live solution there is many in the market we used to have CG5 from russia that is not much expensive, maybe 25k, we use now in my work ORAD for about 500k.

First of all, ‘clock’ is one of the tags of this program. It’s how I found it. It is just up to the right on this very page. So you are advertising you have a clock function. But it is just a placeholder. I found another package on this site that has all the same graphics as yours but advertises a clock and actually has one that works with my video. So in the end, it all works out. You make a sale and I spend twice the amount to get what I needed. A win-win.

Your package is really well done from an aesthetics point of view. Good job. Just do others a favour and take the “clock” reference out of your tags so others don’t get misled. Thanks.

Appreciate your positive comments even when you didnt find all you need. Thanks