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Thanks Dimka4D….

Great work mate, love it ! :)
Best wishes!

Thanks Final_Step…..

thanks AuroraVFX

Nice transitions !

Thanks ideastools

Hello is possible to extend the time the movie, more 2 minutes?

Yes you can do it, PLease find the comp – mn_edit inside used comp folder in the AE project window. here you can place your extra comp containing photo or video . then double click and open the layer 36—(effect timeline).Inside this comp you can place the required matt video in the timeline.Now go back to mn_edit timeline and place the same matt (u already placed in the effect timeline comp) on your added photo / video comp and do the luma / invert luma matt. PLease feel free to write me at if you need more support.


Hey there, awesome project. Just wanted to check that it is possible to replace the placeholder images with video clips?

Yes placeholders can be replaces with video clips. You just need to import videos in the place holder comps and fit them in size . Thanks

This is a beautiful project, is the font that is used free to download? I don’t think I have it..

Yes the font is free downloadable and the link is provided in the help file. Thanks

Great transitions! Congrats!

Looks awesome! Good job :)

Thanks kimkaasa

Im a real newbie at this and im now gonna ask a super silly question im afraid. just installed Ae and opened this project. Can i just drag and drop images in to the project where the images is supposed to be?

You can drag and drop your image in the perticular comp in Ae, Thanks, Drop me a line if you are facing any prob at

Excellent work. I wish you success and great sales ;)

thanx a lot

hello how to easy set it for more than 14 images? let say 30 images…. thank you

You need intermediate level of knowledge of after effects. Just need to understand the timeline comp’s structure.

Go you by chance have a very brief tutorial on setting video files I apologize I am slightly confused which composition my video is in.

Hi, If I wanted to change the scene to be square for a social media version export, how might I accomplish this please?