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You are a genius, dude! Thank you for this masterpiece!

Thanks a lot! I´m glad that you like it.

Wonderful template mate! Looks really cool :)

Good work!!!

Nice idea buddy!

Love it! Great project! :)

hi, excellent stuff. thanks! i got it but need the last bit which shows my text to at least to the 20th second from the current 14th. Being new to AE, would appreciate some thought on how i can do this non-destructively

Thanks for your support! Basically you just need to extend all compositions and layers. For the lightbulb footage you can just import the last frame of the png sequence AS single frame and use it to extend the duration. You need to do the same with the depth matte. If you need help, send me a pm of a mail.

thank you

You are very welcome! Thanks for your support!

You are hero in Turkey today

WOW…what a wonderful project!!! Like it very much!

This looks awesome! I will be buying very soon!

I wonder if I can reduce the file size down without too much degradation so that I can use it as a motion background on my website.

Yes you can. Depends on which codec and which bitrate you use.

I would most likely make it an .mp4 file and would need it as small as possible. I REALLY like your work! I know enough about After Effects to be dangerous,..but you are at a whole other level!!! NICE!!! I may try this and see if I can actually shrink the file size down to make it work.

Just checking to see if I have understood the license correctly. One end product is what comes out of the work in After Effects? I’m intending to use this logo reveal as a standard intro for several videos.

Yes, one end product means one customized intro. You can use this intro on several videos in your youtube channel for example. But if you want to create an intro with another logo and use it in another youtube channel, you would have to buy another license. For further license details, please contact envato support directly.

Okay, thanks. That’s what I thought!

Thanks for your purchase! Have fun!

Great reveal, I have done 3 projects, your tutorial with audio made it the easiest I, will be watching your work. AE Beginner

Thank you very much for your support!

Absolutely great piece of work!!! love on first sight. excellent and easy tutorial included. I am more of a lawyer and consultant than a web designer, but i got along with it very easy and i am really proud of what came out as a company logo trailer. THANK YOU!! Consultant advice: ask for 29 $. its worth even more ;-)

Thank you very much for this nice comment! And thanks for the advice. But videohive authors have no influence on prices. These are determined by videohive stuff during the items review process. ;)

“The light bulb explosion animation was created with a 3D application and is prerendered” what about the smoking filament part? I’d buy this if the smoking filament part can be extended without slowing the smoke animation… is this particles which can be continued or is the smoke also a prerendered animation? Thank you.

The smoke is not pre-rendered and not made with particles. It´s made with fractal noise effetcs and can be extended.

SWEET! SOLD! thank you

Problem, in the plugins version, you use a plugin called Lens Blur, which is not in CC 2018, where may I find this plugin? do you have a link? thanks.

edit: Seems this is the issue Perhaps add another project file to account for lens blur being removed along time ago from AE and use camera blur. To save us time.

Thanks for the hint. Did you solve it?

Otherwise send a pm and I can send you the old lens blur effect. It still works in new AE versions.

I would like to purchase a number of items, however, I don’t have after effects to personalise the videos to my needs (logo/name change). Can you help?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes of course I can help. Please send a mail to for details.

I’m having difficulty with editing the product… says missing lens blur and it says that there are 8 updates needed since lat download. Font is missing and it says that this is locked and can’t be saved. I sent you a PM… I’m on a time crunch and need this ASAP. please help. Thank you! :)

Will do, Thank you!

Thank you graphicINmotion everything works great!

Thanks, I´m glad it works!

Afcter Effects Warning: Missing: Lens Blur and Optical Flares. Can you help me???

Thanks for your purchase!

Please use the “NO PLUGINS” version if you do not have Optical Flares. The Lens Blur effect was renamed by Adobe to “Camera Lens Blur”.

You could either replace the effect with the new one. Therefor you have to unhide all layers and add the effect to the “Lens Blur” layer and then specify the “Lighbulb_Multi_depth” layer as source.

The easier way is just to install the old version of the effect. Send me a private message or mail and I can send it to you. It still works in any AE version.

I just purchased the exploding light bulb and I am unable to download it. Something is wrong with your file. Please email it to me.

Thanks for your purchase! Please let me know what exactly is wrong with the file. Email is in the item description.

If you have a problem with the download process itself please contact Envato support. They are the site administrators.