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Excellent project!

Thanks friends.

I love it and probably next week I will buy it! :)

Thx man :)

can i make it only text?

Yes of course.

Finally I bought it! As promised …

:) Thanks, If you need any help about project please let me know.

Here is the final result. Turned out great thanks! http://youtu.be/jqK4MHNpUW4 (I gave you 5 stars) Peace

looks great and thank you.

Hey man, I want to change the color how I do it???

If you are talking about the background color it is showed in the tutorial. (in the background comp click to background layer and play with Hue and Sat. effect) But you can only get 1 render from a project.

and I am sorry for late response.

What do you mean only get 1 render from a project?

it is a regular licence rule. If you want to get another render to publish, you have to buy another regular licence. You can look at regular licence information for more.