Discussion on Library Student ScreenDub Bundle

Discussion on Library Student ScreenDub Bundle

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Another pro project! Very useful :)

super job on this—very well done.

Excellent addition to the series!

Superb work!

Would it be possible to get a CS5 10 .0 version of the aep file?

Nevermind. Just got the free trial of CS6 . Worked like a charm.

Cool… glad I could help! ;)

Hello – I have CS5 (which it says will work for this project here on VideoHive) and I can’t open it because I have version – can you please send me a file that will work? My email is

just emailed you.

I have bought several of your ScreenDub projects and this one is different. I cannot just drag and drop and element as I could in the “Doctor’s appointment” one for example, this one shows me my screen as a frame and then goes back to “gray cloud” ipad background.

Hmmm… Not fully understanding the problem. Would you want to email me a copy of just your project file (not collected, I can attach the clips on my end)... I’ll take a look.

Hey, problem solved. I went a bit “creative” with your instructions and when I followed them to the letter all worked.

Great. Glad to hear everything is working alright!

good videos but not as accurate tracking….

Does it work on cs4

The tracking data is included. All you have to do is open the *.txt document associate with each clip and then paste it onto a pre comp. There is a video tutorial included in the download which will walk you through it.

Questions, when rendering the project, looks as if the image moves and you can see the green screen in the back a bit on the sides. Anyway to make this go away?

If there is any slipping through of the green, you can probably just scale the tracked pre comp up a little and it should stay lined up and fix the problem.