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I wanted to add some extra (about 5 more characters) into this video. can anyone do that for me? I asked the author but he is busy. I’ll pay. need to get this done ASAP!

Thank You.

HI Krushil… you can ask under Forums/ Videohive…thanks!!!

I am having the same issue with the paid fonts, I don’t want to use those fonts and I am not going to buy them so I can later change them for what I want.

Please help!

sorry for this issue… I will redo the project shortly with free available fonts. The fonts in questions make up the text quotes and are not critical.. they can be replaced by any of your fonts..preferably a condensed font.. Will let you know when I upload the new project.

The project has been updated to include free fonts only… so download again for new project file & links.. thank you for purchasing!!

Pre Sales Question: If I need to add more characters than the number used is it possible …

hello …sorry for the delay…yes, but you need some skills in after effects.. thanks for your interest..duplicating some comps…


was there a problem?... if so contact me through my email under my profile ..thanks

So I can add in my own photos?

yes, video tutorial will show you how…

Just wondering – in the download, what’s the differences between the Leaders masked and Leaders unmasked files?

also, thank you for purchasing!!

and thx for the help – folks the Author is super helpful when you have questions on the template

thanks Elraidor, I appreciate the comments!

Hi moveNshake. Ops!, I didn’t notice that “Trapcode Form” was required and I already purchased the item.

Is that a plugin?, how much does it cost?. I have visited the site but not sure about the version I should buy. What happens if I don’t install that plugin?.


Hi moveNshake. Did you see my message?

Hi really sorry for the delay.. I’ve been on the road ..& don’t check this one often.. best to contact me via email under my profile..

yes, you need the plugin Trapcode Form..just do a search under google.. & the Trapcode info will come up. thanks for your interest.

Can I make the human face composed by texts anything: such as a photo, a drawing, or a shape?

yes, it works with the light & dark values & shape

Hey bro great job, if i can get the video looks exactly as the Abe image it will give me the same result of the letters? not just putting one random video, it´s preparing the video and let it as the abe picture with the same effect that you use?

have you tried? thanks

Hi, you need to use a still image…. I haven’t experimented with a moving video image.. & not sure if it would be possible.

I can put the text i want to form, or it just for random letters, i want to put some text that mean something it could be done? thanks

Hello, thanks for your interest.. as it is, it is set up for random text letters only.. single repeated words are possible, but this would require a re-edit.. sentences I don’t believe would be possible with Form… as it repeats randomly.. but I will look into it.

This work requires a $200 plugin! You only mention once it requires something, and you don’t mention the plugin is almost TEN TIMES MORE than this project file! This is terrible!

sorry for the delay & sorry to hear your frustration.. send me an email from Help.pdf.. and I will work with you on a solution.. Will try to make the plugin purchase more evident

I won’t leave a customer unsatisfied…. so get in touch through my email under my profile. thanks

Is it possible to animate the letters from the bottom of the screen and into the finished image. As if there were a typewriter at the bottom of the screen that sends letters upwards ?

Hello Lui123.. thank you for purchasing…contact me on my email in Help.pdf.. I will help you out

it is not readily set up for that.. it would take some adjustment with the Y World transform in the Form settings

HI there. When i try to render the project, i get a message saying “the directory originally specified the output module no loner exists” what does this mean? and how do i resolve this. Great work on this by the way.

Pls ignore. I have sorted it out.

thank you!

Latest version is: TRAPCODE FORM 3

Will this work? I see your AE file was created in 2014.

I need to buy TC Form so wanted to be sure.


as you experienced there are issues… I will look into it when I have the time.. so as for now, use an older version of Form.


render Purchased

Hi, is it possible to change the background color? to a lighter color. Thank you


render Purchased

ok, I could change the background to white, but the letters are not visible, would it be possible to invert the effect color of the letters that make up the face?

Hello.. sorry for the delay.. best to email.. (in help.pdf) The answer is yes.. you can change the source color text.. However, in trying this myself, I found the faces more difficult to distinguish. Seems to work better on black. Let me know if you found the answer in the tutorial.