Layer Manager 4

Layer Manager 4

Built specially for professionals.

What is the Layer Manager?

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Layer Manager is the missing tool for Adobe After Effects.
Built on top of CEP (Common Extensibility Platform) provided by Adobe, Layer Manager provides broad range of tools which boost your productivity while you working with layers.

Layer Manager was developed by team of motion designers who have experience in UX and Reactive programming. That’s why extension has intuitive interface and highly tested performance.

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Where you can use it?

Layer Manager 4 - 3

Huge compositions.

Ideal for huge compositions. No need to jump back and force to find required layers anymore.

Layer Manager 4 - 4

Character rigging.

Separate your character by parts and work on them independently from each other.


Apply action to selected groups

Layer Manager 4 - 5

Simply drag and drop to link layers

Layer Manager 4 - 6

Drag and drop to reorder groups

Layer Manager 4 - 7

Auto updates of UI

Layer Manager 4 - 8

Take a look on linked layers

Layer Manager 4 - 9

Invert any action, like photoshop does

Layer Manager 4 - 10

And lots more:

Layer Manager 4 - 11 Any number of layers.

The script works well even with compositions, which have more than 1,000 layers.

Layer Manager 4 - 12 Stand-alone projects.

The project doesn’t require an availability of Layer Manager for working. Therefore you can transfer projects to third parties or to sell.

Layer Manager 4 - 13 Pay only once.

You need to buy the Layer Manager only once. Next updates will be for free.

Layer Manager 4 - 14 System Requirements.

Layer Manager is working on any version of After Effects CC2014 and higher.

What our buyers say:

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What’s next?

We will implement features described below in near future. If you have any additional feature in mind please contact us by form on profile page. Contact us

  • Nested groups
  • Hold click to change many properties (Like After Effects does)
  • Support of hotkeys
  • Select linked layers when Group selected
  • Auto updater (will update Layer Manager by itself)


Version 4.0.7 (04/11/2018)
   - Temporary disable purchase verification
   - Small bugs fixed
Version 4.0.6 (28/11/2017):
    - Add support of VR comps in After Effects cc2018
    - Attention! This update have different API and Layer Manager will lost any links. So please update ONLY before starting new project
Version 4.0.5 (20/11/2017):
    - Rebuilded UI
    - Rebuilded Engine
    - Added support of drag'n'drop
    - Now it's extension
Version 3.60 (23/02/2016):
    - Fixed fatal error with Undo Groups. Now everything is works fine.
    - Minor bugs fixed
Version 3.50 (15/02/2015):
    - Added “Global Mode”
    - Added “Rainbow labels”
    - Minor bugs fixed
Version 3.20 (02/12/2015):
    - Fixed bug with Script UI Image
    - Minor bugs fixed
Version 3.10 (14/10/2015):
    - Minor bugs fixed
    - Now you can select/unselect parented layers with the Select button
Version 3.04 (11/10/2015):
    - Minor bugs fixed
Version 3.03 (10/10/2015):
    - Fixed bug with enable layers in a Viewport in After Effects cc 2015
Version 3.01 (8/10/2015):
    - Re-designed and re-builded UI
    - Re-builded source of the script
    - Added tons of cool features
Version 2.03 (10/07/2015):
    - A couple of bugs was fixed
Version 2.02 (25/06/2015):
    - Fixed issue with integration with After Effects cs6
    - Solo button changed on Focus button
Version 2.01 (16/06/2015):
    - Fixed issue with integration with After Effects cc 2014
Version 2.0 (29/05/2015):
    - Added extended UI panel
    - Fixed some issue
Version 1.0 (22/05/2015):
    - It was created