Discussion on Layer Manager 4

Discussion on Layer Manager 4

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this asks me to register every single time i run after effects! EVERY TIME!! i just downloaded the most recent version and this problem is STILL ONGOING! why??!?

What versions of AE does this work for? Looks like it stopped being updated in 2018 so I’d assume it works up to AE2017?

Thanks for the great script! But I am having some problems with AE2018. Is it possible to respond?

-The layer added to the group cannot be moved. -A layer added to a group cannot be deleted. -The color of the layer added to the group cannot be changed.

Hi, just publish an update. Check for a new version

Same issues here in AE2020 as Notek’s having. Great script otherwise, but those issues keep it from being usable. Those issues being:

-The layer added to the group cannot be moved. -A layer added to a group cannot be deleted. -The color of the layer added to the group cannot be changed.

From now layer manager will receive regular updates. Stay tuned

Hello. When I install this plugin, I see no current version nor the real name of the plugin. Also I can’t check the version when I open AE, frustrating. All plugins I install via ZXP installer have versions and names, your plugin is “null” and instead of name I see “com.tniich.layermanager”. Also I’ve downloaded an update, don’t know why, you don’t update it on videohive anymore?

If I click on link icon in LayerManager, I will not be able to do anything with the plugin. Why? Sometimes when I click on link, layer1 in group1 jumps in group2. Also I can’t move layers in groups, I must delete them, and then re-link again…I can say, this plugins makes everything just worse, or it should work different but I have some bugs.

AE 2020

I’ve updated plugin through videohive, but it’s in the review state right now. So it should be live this week.

About the rest: 1. Name and version – odd thing, I will recheck. What app for installing zxp do you using? 2. Link issue – I will fix and make another update shortly. I think this happen in CC2020. 3. And yeah, it should work differently. No reason to make plugin that make everything just worse :)

Okay thanks, waiting for updates. I am using ZXP Installer from AEScripts

I also noticed that if Layer Manager is not locked, I see blue line constantly scaling, it is very distracting. Any chance you will add options to the plugin whene I can disable it?

Month of waiting already. Did you update your plugin? I want to buy it, but I see that many people have issues with 2021 AE. Thanks.

Great Product! It’s a must for anyone who’s a serious user of After Effects.

Can you confirm that now AE 2020 is supported by this plugin? I don’t see any updates. You said you will update it 2 months ago.

the new AE 2020 update has removed this extension and wont work. Is there a work around for this?

Don’t buy this script, guys. It doesn’t work correctly at AE 2020 and 2019 too. I’m waiting for my refund

It doesn’t work correctly at AE 2020 and 2019. disappointing…

Is anyone able to download the most recent version 4.0.9? When i click the download link i get version 3.5 and using the link on the support page I get version 4.05. I am unable to get the license to work. I get the error “Cannot read property ‘message’ of undefined”

So I bought this in 2018 and now trying to get it registered in AE 2020, but like the previous commenter I keep getting this error message “Cannot read property ‘message’ of undefined”


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Hello Tniich, i miss couple functions: -Click on a Layer on the Layer Manager Window and it will select the actual Layer too. Therefore Select a Group on the Layer Manager Window and it will select every Layer inside too. -Shy every other Groups at once (maybe Shift+Click on Shy button) -Rename Layer on the Layer Manager Window

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very good layer manager! one function is missing to keep the selected group in layers (something like displaying a solo in layers). it would be very nice if you add this)))