Lava Organic Pack

Lava Organic Pack

Colorful 4K 3D background animation created from organic liquid textures in the style of contemporary abstract digital art. It’s inspired by lava – molten rock generated by thermal energy inside of planets. Our Lava is a silken fluid substance with smooth shapes and exciting bright gradients flowing slowly fascinating and hypnotizing the viewers.

Use it for video mapping projection shows, VJ visualization, music display, social media covers and website welcome videos.

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The pack includes animated textures:

    1. White shiny organic crystals growing from a yellow and pink fluid wave.

    2. Trendy bright pink and yellow background with a volumetric wavy surface.

    3. Smooth shiny blue and pink wave flowing like fluid silk with soft curves.

    4. Vivid thick substance in red, yellow and purple colors rising and falling like a wave of molten marmalade.

    5. Blue shiny wave rising and falling like fluid jelly.

    6. Abstract colorful art animation with a liquid effect in juicy yellow and red colors.

    7. Sophisticated bright animation with a blue and white wave going up and down.

    8. Futuristic blue crystals growing from a liquid blue dimpled background.

    9. Sparkling surreal wave of a soft liquid in expressive yellow and violet colors.

    10. Fantastic gentle white crystals growing from a blue wavy background.


    • 4K UltraHD (3840×2160)
    • 10 unique scenes 20 seconds each
    • No plugins
    • 30 frames per second
    • Compatible with any non-linear editor: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Avid or any other compositing app
    • Universal and flexible on any software
    • Cinematic and organic
    • Music in the preview: Organic Deep House