Landscapes of Earth

Landscapes of Earth

(The main project is 60fps but I am unable to upload that speed. When running the project at 60fps, it is silky smooth)

Travel through the diverse landscapes of Earth in this project! Each terrain is carefully crafted to show detail as well as depth. Easily swap in your on text or pictures and advanced users will be able to modify the landscapes themselves. It has many uses!

-No plugins, 100% After Effects
-CS5+ compatible
-Full 1080p Resolution with 720p option
-Video tutorial included
-1 minute duration

The great audio is by Allegro120 found here.

The images are included under the CC Attribution License and can be found at the following locations:

Forest by Katie@!
Swamp by vastateparksstaff
Oceans by USFWS Pacific
Tundra by TimWilson
Tropics by David McKelvey
Savanna by kezee
Desert by Pedronet
Jungle by ggallice

Hope you enjoy, let me know if you have any questions!