Landscapes of Earth II

Landscapes of Earth II

Landscapes of Earth II builds upon the original by bringing the landscapes to life! Included are 5 individual intros that are all unique and are made to capture the feeling of their environment. Also included are two full length intros which travel through all five biomes at different speeds. Great for all sorts of adventure intros!

What is Included:

-5 individual openers(5-10 seconds) and 2 full length intros(24 & 12 seconds)
-CS5+ compatible
-Full 1080p Resolution with 720p option
-Video tutorial included
-Each logo or text can be individually customized from one location

Preview music is by MikeSea found here.
Water bubble whoosh is by boomopera_sfx found here.
Desert wind is by maxtecb found here.
Gust of wind is by Grach found here.
Jungle sounds is by JType found here.
Savanna sounds is by Ecosound found here.
Mountain sounds is by Jilted Generation found here.

The images are included under the CC Attribution License and can be found at the following locations: Forest by Katie@!
Oceans by USFWS Pacific
Savanna by kezee
Desert by Pedronet
Jungle by ggallice

Hope you enjoy, let me know if you have any questions!

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