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Excellent Work Dude ! :)

Great typo work mate, love it! :)
Best wishes!

Nice work dude !


I’ve a problem with colours on the template. I can’t change its (default colours are Blue for the background and red for the font).

Could you help me please?


Usually it happens when your After Effects version is not English. Please reinstall and try again. If you still have this problem – email me.

Great template except that I can’t get the “video 2” to display. The everything else works fine except for that video holder. Any suggestions?

I’m not really sure why it happened. It works fine for me. Maybe you changed something and forgot? Try to redownload project. If you still have problem – email me.

Would you be interested in customizing your Octopus template? If not, can you suggest someone? Thanks.

having trouble finding video to edit. im a mac user. any help

when i open “Project” it gives me an aep file named Unix Executable File. i cant open it

thanks for your help. im a beginner in all this :%

Try to open After Effects and then “File” > “Open project”.


Wondering if this works with transparent background

Is it possible to have the project in 1080p? There is only a 720 version available. Thanks