Discussion on Kinetic Typography

Discussion on Kinetic Typography

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The file does not exist while running / (after effect 2020) Forcing a File to Open Causes 95 Color Errors

Hi! Do yoi use a non english after effects version? Create an empty txt file with the name ae_force_english.txt and copy in your User’s Documents directory. If you remove this file you ll have the after effects version in your language again.

Is it running?..i can not. Effects CC 2018… hmm.. already bought music..

I sent you an e-mail to figure out what is not working.

Can I use my own font in other languages? Or it works only in english language?

Yes you can change the font and the language!

I just bought this and get 100 Expression Errors with Adobe After Effects CC… Cant use it

Probably you dont use an english version of After Effects. Create a file called “ae_force_english.txt” in your documents folder and then open your After Effects. It will open as an english version. When you ll finish working with this template just delete this file.

worked! perfekt :) thanks

When I opened this up in After Effects it said several of the fonts were missing. In the description of this item it says Links of fonts are included for free downloading. Where are the links for download? Also is it possible to remove the black background and make it transparent so that the kinectic type can over my video instead.

Nevermind I found them. Sorry I overlooked it in the pdf.

ok :) Yes you can. Just disable the bg layer in the main comp.

Can this template be used for a lyric video?

I dont think so, but a new kinetic typography will be uploaded in September. Stay tuned!

Nice Work Yiannis! : -)

Thank you Kyriakos :)

Great Animation And Typography Yainnis ! Good Job ! :)

thanks Bill :D

Such a cool typography! :)


thanks stavros!

Like this one ! Good job.

thanks a lot!

yeah! great work

thanks marosuperstar!

Nice work buddy!


Great work!

I really like this!! Good job!

thanks FluxVFX! :D

thanks janstindl!!

Excellent!!! Yiannis :)

Thanks Nick :D

Great item very nicely animated titles :) good luck with sales

thanks a lot WilQ5!