Discussion on Kinetic Typography Pack

Discussion on Kinetic Typography Pack

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Видел на стриме, клево


Смотрел оба стрима) круто)


Очень круто! Стримы посмотрю обязательно!

Как всегда 3uma крут ))

Yeah! Awesome!

Very cool Work and nice Design! :) I wish You all the Best for Your Sales! ;)

Стрим был шикарный, и работа смотрится оч свежо!

Отличная работа! Желаю хороших продаж!=)

Отличная палитра!

Ждем новых стримов! Работа очень крутая :-)

Excellent Project! :-)

Very cool work and nice design! :) I wish you all the best for your sales! ;)

Nice design and animation! ;) Looks nice..

Total ripoff. I would like a refund, no discussions. All of the files are missing/blank. Only thing that shows is the BG color, which is useless without text. Please refund me. Very Disappointed.

It can’t be=) everything is fine with the project, it passed the reviewer’s review and was sold more than 100 times. I just downloaded it to check it out. everything is fine

update: It was my mistake. I did not properly extracted the files. Sorry for the rude comment, it was just frustrating at first. Everything seems to now be working fine. Sorry once again. Not Disappointed

it’s okay!